The Se7en Project

This week was my first time at Thai Pizza!  We originally planned for a dinner at Bubble Tea, but there was not enough space for the ten of us.  Xiaoyang kept saying "Nam Prig Kao," a name of the dish he ordered, and Olivia kept cracking up :)  So funny!  Belinda got Tom Yum Soup, and it looked really good!  Will definitely try that next time ^^  Derek and Michael split a Thai pizza and a Tom Yum Noodle Soup.  Nom nom nom~  Couldn't really see the other side of the table, but it seemed like Debra, Shannon, Michael, and Jon were having a good time too :D  Family outing success!

(9^-^)9  !  <-- that's a emoticon Daniel showed me.  So cute!

Apparently, it tasted like Pringles? :P

Delish looking!!

My pad kee mao~

TSO family! <3

Everyone was happy with their food, and I'm definitely coming back at least 3 more times to try some other dishes.  Give this Thai Pizza a try; I like it better than the other locations!  

Thai Pizza and Co
608 Eastgate Ave
St. Louis, MO 63130


This weekend was "The Seven Project," the creation of a music video based on Se7en's "Somebody Else."  Debra and Elaine taught a group of friends the dance, and there was some real production action!  :D  They filmed at a bunch of places around campus and the Loop.  It'll be an fun, action-packed weekend!

I joined them at 9pm, and it's really amazing to see them learn choreo in such a short span of time @_@  *amazed*  Elaine curled my hair (first time!) and applied makeup :)  It was so fun to be her guinea pig, and it made me super happy to see her all giddy XD

Debra's happy too!

Haha, Eric brought in a custom-made pizza from the S40 for everyone.  He even ordered it without cheese for Elaine (lactose-intolerant)!!  What a nice guy ^^

Looks sooo good!  I'm talking about the pizza, by the way ;)  tee hee~

Eric was filming, with Debra and Elaine as director.  We filmed on an empty metro bus with the driver probably wondering what in the world we were doing~  It was so funny to watch Shuran mouthing words he actually didn't know for the music video :P  After we got off at a random stop, we were surprised to find Josh and Elaine in a car-- they had tailed the bus!  :3  Then the 7 of us piled into Josh's Honda civic coupe.  Eric, Shuran, Michael, and Elaine in the back, with me sitting on top of Debra and obscuring Josh's view of the road.  So fun!  But I was a little scared that if we had hit something, even softly, and the air bags popped out, I would have probably died instantly~  Haha~

Elaine, Debra, and Shuran traveled to Green hall with the film crew to take a shot of their dancing part.  I can only imagine that they looked amazing dancing under the arch of Green, especially with the lights shining from below onto the building.  Eric wouldn't let us see anything >_<  But I'm super excited about watching the result.  I wonder where Eric learned how to use his video editing software?

We drove to Art Hill in Forest Park at midnight to film the last scene for the night, and all the guys were dressed up in dress shirts, suits, and tie.  So cool!  And we were freezing to death-- it was freezing temperature with the wind blowing @_@  I had a hot pack to keep my hands warm, but it didn't warm up fast enough~  Any cars driving by probably thought we were some sketchy Asian mafia, haha~

A spiff-ified Daniel

Afterwards, some of us went for a late night snack/meal at IHOP.  Omg, so delicious~  T_T  It was my fourth meal of the day :P  We all devoured everything!  I ended up paying $19 something for my meal...  did they add gratuity?  Because I tipped on top of that it they did ^^''  Oh well, hanging out with everyone in such a fresh and exciting way was definitely worth it!

DC ready to order an enormous steak omelette!

Elaine looking cute and ready to nom~

Today and tomorrow are film days too~  I charged my camera battery, so hopefully I'll take more pictures ^^ Fun stuff, now to cram in some homework!  I wonder how all the other people do it, because I don't have to learn the dance for this music video, so I spend the least amount of time in production :O  The answer must be that they are just simply awesome.

My new goal of the semester is to aim for 7.5 hours of sleep a night for a happier, less cranky me!! >:O  *battle cry*  But that failed last night.. Came back at 3am, woke up at 8:30am.  Nooo!  Nap nap nap <3

Also, we bought plane tickets to the Bahamas!!  *so unreal*  Let me rephrase that.  We're going to the Bahamas for spring break!!  OMGAWWWD!  Super excited-- we're not going to get any rest, but it'll be my first tropical island adventure, and I'm going with awesome people ^^  I'm planning out our events each day, and it's going to be super expensive @_@

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