Study break

Ahh my brain!  Here's a break for me while I'm studying for my test in Early Italian Renaissance art history tomorrow~  :)

The start of the year (after LNYF craziness, that is!) began with being very spontaneous!  If someone asked me if I wanted to do anything, I would say yes.  So I spent like.. $70 on food the first week @_@''  Still want to be spontaneous, but school's clamping down its jaws on me D:  At least I'm saving money ^^''

I also have been forgetting to take my camera around, so I don't have pictures of most of the outings.  Boo.. I really enjoyed eating the food at India House with David and Book; it was my first taste of Indian food in St. Louis!  These two pictures are from Jeff's phone:

Jeff's monkey face and chocolate boba tea

UCity bimbimbop!

Jeff invited me to go with a bunch of his friends (who are suuuuper nice :D) to eat at UCity.  There wasn't enough space for everyone at the counter, so we let the young ones (sophomores!) sit there.  It was Jeff's first time at UCity too, and I tried to make him sit there so he could watch his food being made, but I failed~

Meanwhile, Anna has been a busy little chef, whipping up things left and right in the apartment!  Sean is such a lucky guy, and all the food looks yummy... Anna even makes taro shakes :P  I wonder if Sean makes food for Anna too...  Although I know that the two are super cute together and like each other whole-heartedly, women and gender studies class makes me think this relationship is a bit imbalanced sometimes >_>  Anna didn't even sleep the night before Valentine's day; I woke up and went to the kitchen to get cereal and saw her packing a bento box.  Lucky guyyyy~  Of course, I don't know what Sean does for her at the boys' apartment, so I only see one side of the story :P



Haha, the picture is of Josh squatting in the DUC parking lot!  This one was taken last year, the day before Halloween.  I think we just finished dance practice, and we were waiting for Debra.  Speaking of which, don't you think Anna and Sean look alike?  And I kind of see resemblences between Debra and Josh..  Why do couples look so similar?!  

... Do Daniel Henney and I look alike? :D:D:D:D  Okay, okay, he's getting a little old for me..  what about Siwon Kim?!  Ehhhh??  ;)

Actually, I saw a few guys that were "my style" on campus O.O  But they're probably younger than me if I just seen them now  ''ORZ 

Instead of discussing boys to myself with typed pixels on this lonely Internet space, I should be memorizing Giuliano da Sangallo's Santa Maria del Carceri.  Gahh, why is his name so hard to remember >_<''  Hope I can sleep for 23982938 hours after tomorrow's test!  :)

Debra said...

Darn, should have taken the opportunity to ask you to go eat at the beginning of the year. I probably would have been last in the long list of (suitors) *ahem* eating buddies though!

Haha the morning of Valentine's Day I saw Anna at Whispers at midnight, then 4am, then 9am. Such regular visits! Supah cute~ Omg that dinner is so drool-worthy. T____T;

I can see resemblances between Anna + Sean! Don't think there are any between me and Josh though.. (literally none)

Your style?? Where??? Must point them out to meeee!! Haha you're so funny~ this made me laugh. You are discussing boys to all of the readers of your blog~ ah Wendy, too popular. Good luck on the test tomorrow!! You can do it!

Elaine.Xu said...

I love Indian food! =( I wasn't invited

Josh said...

Daayum! Looking at those food makes me wanna go to ucity grill now mm.
Sean made nana chocolate! Very colorful ones
Hm, i think me and deebra are pretty different, she has a round face, i have an egg shaped head, she has pinchable cheeks, and i dont, LOL and she has me me eyes =]
Haha and i look like a bum, taking my smoke break yuuuup
Dedeee, point out those guys out next time to see whether they get a hyung stamp of approval. Forealz
That name looks too unmemorizeable

Wendy said...

Haha, Debra! You would be my number one suitor!! :D ... if I had any ;P Michael says he can also see some resemblance between you and Josh :) Thanks for your good luck, I hope it worked!

Elainey pooh, I thought they invited you too, since they called up Josh ._.'' If we ever go out to eat again, I'll make sure they don't forget you! Have you had Indian food in St. Louis before?

I'm sure your bro-chef misses you, Josh :) Tee hee, do you pinch Debra's cheeks? Mi mi eyes! <3 Cuuuute~ Instead of looking like a macho bum, I thought you looked like a little kid in that picture. Hurr hurr, Dedee's growing up to adventure around without hyung's approval, hyu hyu!