Wishful thinking

Text message of the week, this one's from Mom!:

"Have you heard of LINSANITY?  No?  Google it."

Haha :P  I didn't know my parents were such sports fans!

Last night was SOK auditions!  Although I'm 80% positive I didn't make any dances, it was definitely fun!  ^_^ It was kind of like 4 hours of exercise :P

Since I've been trying to tone the abs by first losing the flab, I've been eating less.  I haven't eaten red meat in a while, and I'm starting to feel sleepy all the time again.. need my naps.. ZZzz~~  Dizzy moments are also happening again when I stand up :/  Maybe I should go out and find myself a cow. *the Texan within me*  Will I have the time / will I be more productive to make that time and actually go running or workout? :o

Annnnnd, I want to go to the Bahamas this spring break.  Just spent an hour looking up airline prices.  Haha~