Winter blues

I've been checking my email like crazy recently, so much, in fact, that I telepathically read 2 emails that my inbox hadn't yet received.  And I ended up with -2 emails.  Durr..

I felt stupid after gorging on a double steakburger, fries, and vanilla milkshake Friday night, and then another inhaling of enchiladas, refried beans, and tacos with topping at the Lovings Banquet on campus.  :'(  Self-esteem down 342938 points, because I can't even exercise self-control.  *sigh*

A 2 hour phone call back home ebbed away most of the stifled whateverness inside, and my mom told me to go do some online shopping to de-stress.  Haha, whose mom does that?  ;)  My one and only!~  Hopefully she'll still be supportive even after the bills come in, tee hee!  Just kidding, only online browsing this session!

Must be the winter blues... it snowed last week!  I biked to the post office, and on the way back, both my brakes broke, so I was gliding down hill and slowing down by dragging my shoes on the pavement.  Taejin sent me hot packets from Korea to keep my hands warm!  :)

When I'm not feeling too great, I hibernate :P  I couldn't tell if I'm getting sick, not eating enough meat, tired, or just not in good spirits, but I woke up at 7:30am today and then went back to sleep for another 2 hours at 11:30am.  And the bed still looks tempting!  D:  Haha~  

Looking forward to an uplifting week, head up high!  ^_^  *march march march*