Bahamas- Day 4 (Dolphin Cay and Atlantis)

Catching up on my spring break?  Start with the Bahamas- Day 1 post!

Let's start this post off with a picture of paradise :)

That's not a real beach; it's the man-made Dolphin Cay at the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island.  We were waiting for our turn to play with the dolphins.  Wheeee!  So excited to touch dolphins!!

Trainers seem like they are walking on water!

Our access wristbands to meet dolphins!  ^__^

We were each given a wet suit to prepare for our wet adventure.  Pretty cool, since they never asked about our size.  They just eyed us and handed us a suit!

Before actually meeting with the dolphins, we got a quick debriefing about dolphins.  We were told not to touch the dolphins eyes or anywhere below the belly button.  It was pretty interesting, and where we sat showed a little about how we sit in school :P

I see them in the back~

After the short talk, we were let out into the wild!~  We were allowed to wade into shallow waters from the man-made beaches.  The trainers told us we couldn't take cameras into the waters with us, so I don't have any pictures of the dolphins >_<

Elaine and Debra posing!

You can kind of see a dolphin swimming along the land ^^

Our dolphin friend was Sasha, one of the females of the dolphin group.  We got to rub her tummy, pet her back, kiss her, high five her, and listen to her make silly noises and swim around the man-made cay at top speeds!  It was really fun :)  She was so sweet and so cute :D

I noticed that Sasha had scratches on her body, but I didn't have the chance to ask the trainer about it.  The trainers showed us how fast dolphins could gulp down fish, and they told us that dolphins don't chew their food at all?  I asked them why they had teeth if they didn't chew, and I learned that teeth were used for disciplining the younglings.  That's where the scratches came from!  :O  So interesting~

After our time with the dolphins, they herded us into the gift shop, haha~  Our group bought a picture package with the pictures a photographer took while we were in the waters with Sasha.  ^^  It looks like the background was a 2-D backdrop, but here's one:

High-five, Sasha! (9^o^)9

Kind of like the coffered ceilings of the Pantheon :)

That's a picture from Atlantis.  We went back to the main building of Atlantis that contained the casino and walked around.  Everything is crazy lavish!

There was a huge water habitat containing a bajillion fishies everywhere!!  Also huge manta rays and stingrays ^^  

Is this Atlantis' logo?

I can just imagine rich people living in houses with huge aquarium glasses bordering the sides of their hallways.  :O  Super crazy!

Book looking into the marine habitat


Huge manta rays~

This fish had canines~

Beautiful neon colors

I wonder why they have a random Horus tablet here..

Whee, so graceful!

This is what it looks like when you turn around from the glass

I would be so freaked out if I was snorkeling here >_<

Atlantis' night club

Quick story here!  Elaine wanted to go night-clubbing, so one of the nights they got all dressed up (I wore jeans and a T-shirt as usual, haha~  ^^'') and we walked to Aura, the nightclub by Atalantis' casino.   There was a *huge* line consisting of towering, skinny girls, all attractive and prepped for the night.  But we found out we had to take our passports out for ID.  That wasn't too bad, but then a girl told us that the entrance fee was $50 for girls... and $100 per guys!  @___@    I'm pretty sure our faces were all like:


for 5 seconds before any of us starting talking :P  Darn these crazy lavish people~  Ooh, on another side note, I'm starting to watch a show called Ouran High School (recommended by Elaine!), an episode a day during dinner.  It's so funny!  Seems very random, but is somewhat related, since there are crazy rich characters.  :)

Random things in the casino

Picture of the shopping boutique area~

We went back to Arawak Cay for Bahamian fish fry, and this time the taxi driver recommended a place called "Anchorage."  It was very clean and quite empty, and we got a seat on the patio on the 2nd floor.

Time to order!

View behind my seat

Thinking of the grouper Josh ordered yesterday, I picked the Grilled Grouper set.  It came with rice made with lima beans, steamed veggies, and sweet plantains.  *so excited for the veggies, om nom nom!~*  It was my first time to try plantains, and they were quite delish ^^

Elaine-y pooh
Here's my whole order: grilled grouper broiled with veggies ANNNND the sides :)

Josh looking over Debra's lobster meal

Tilted world!  But Josh ordered steak :)  He said it was super yummy!

And Daniel ordered red snapper.  See the mac 'n cheese?  Bahamian version is so good!

Looks like Book ordered a burger, but I forgot what he ordered ._.''  Conch soup + ??

The Anchorage is the blue building

We walked out and decided to walk back to the hotel (long walk!).  The day was super sunny without the slightest inkling of clouds threatening the vast expanse of azure sky ^^

Daniel posing

Bahamians are super nice!  This resident came to chat with Elaine

Fruit stand sighted!

We looked around, but I didn't see anything super exotic I've never seen before

But it was definitely colorful :)

Book really wanted to visit some historical fort, so we decided to climb up a hill and take a look.  There were people exercising all over the place!  Running up and down the hill, training for some track team... so nice to see people actually out and about ^^

Clouds creeping in..

Hehe, why is everyone posing :P

Wild photographer appears!

Wonder if you can see what the subject of this picture is :)

There's the beach

We reached the super long bridge connecting Paradise Island to Nassau island

And the girls were beating the boys!

Sun setting

Atlantis resort

Book decided to be reckless and run across the highway =_=

Meanwhile, Daniel and Elaine were being silly
While the two love birds enjoyed the sunset

Boat below the bridge

Ah, there it is!  The sun's last breath for the day before it goes to sleep

Josh and Debra


The boys being silly :D

We walked through "The Village" again.  Super rich people and their helicopters on boats.. :P

Live entertainment!  Very skilled~

Random hotel shot of Daniel being swallowed alive

and crushed by falling people

That's it for Day 4!  Two more days in the Bahamas will finish up our 2012 spring break!