Spirit of Korea 2012

Spirit of Korea (SOK) was upon us!  The rain decided to do its thing in the morning, but the tents put up as a precaution were there just in case it rained again.  The girls for my dance met in Lilly's dorm room before SOK began just to make sure we were there on time and in our costumes.  There were a few booths around the clocktower before the performances began, and I walked around to see what was going on with a jacket over my costume, but I felt pretty silly running around in high heels.  :D

Jeff is so cute here!  Looks like a pikachu :3  Pika pika~

Stella manning the calligraphy booth.  She wrote my name in Korean!  ^^

Ooh what's Hanju making? :O

He's not actually *making* it.  They're pigeon patties, freshly collected and mixed with sugar.

I shared a piece with Daniel, and it was delicious.  My first time eating bird poop!  :D


Just kidding!  It's not bird poop at all!!  XD  Do you think WashU would let students be eating unsanitary things like that?  Plus, bird poop is usually white, and I wouldn't be adventurous enough to try something like that.  Although in China, there is currently a new, super expensive tea.  The tea leaf blend has panda poop mixed in, and somehow that makes it all worth it and better.  The logic lies in that pandas don't digest much of the nutrients and the nutrients are concentrated and just pass through the digestive system.  Not lying here, Google it and read about it!  :)  *can just imagine Elaine cringing at bathroom references*  I'm only saying this because I like news about pandas!  ^_____^b

(Also, that picture is of me from the week I had corn rows in my hair!  I'll talk a bit about that in another post.)

Dagona-- a Korean street candy!

Basically it's melted sugar dried into a crispy wafer.  It has a slight burnt, carmelized taste, but very cool to try a street food here at WashU-- and made by my friends too ^w^

I just had to take a picture of this guy's glasses.  SO HEAVY LOOKING! 

Meanwhile, all the dancers were going over their moves and formations before SOK performances began.

House boys!  Phil is so silly~

Eat You Up kiddos checking out the stage

And then SOK began!  The bands played a bit for the crowd of pre-frosh and current students before the first dance began.  That was "The Boys" by SNSD that I was in :)  It was really funny, because at the part where it goes "G. G." in the beginning, the audience screamed and yelled "GEE GEEEEEE!" and I almost laughed while I was dancing.  (Don't tell Lilly that though!)  You can probably see me grin for a few seconds ;)

Dancing with D.O.C.  was next, and it was such a cute and happy dance :D  I like the fishie move!  *strut strut*  Anna and Sean choreographed "Love like Oxygen," but I didn't have a good camera angle for the movie :(  I filmed all the dances that we were all in, so not many pictures here.  Debra took my files and will be uploading the dances somewhere sometime, so I'll post links then so you can relive some of SOK ^^

It was so cool, because it was the first time that we were all in different dances instead of teaming up for one dance.  I loved that, because I get to watch and scream for all of the performances!  I lost my voice actually.. but ya know~  All part of the deal ;)


Love like Oxygen

Korean Fan Dance


MC's with a poster cut out of Hyuna

Daniel's Supermagic team

An unflattering picture of The Boys!   Tee hee~  but we're missing Jen, because she ran away~

What a fun SOK!  It seemed really short, because ALL the dances were just SO GOOD.  I hoped the audience enjoyed it as much as I did.  ^_^b  Also, I realized this was my first full SNSD dance.  I bet hyung would be proud ;)