Bahamas- Last Day 6 (Departure)

Catching up on my spring break?  Start with the Bahamas- Day 1 post! 

It was our last day!  And it was early.  =___=  Book wanted to catch the sunrise on the beach, so we woke up early.  Daniel wriggled deeper into his coccoon of blankets, so we just left him in bed.  Haha~  Sleepy head.

The feeling of being on a beach in the morning is so different than during the afternoon when there are tons of people frolicking around.  It was quiet, calm, and cool.  Two seagulls danced in the air above us.

Elaine taking out her camera

Photographer at work

And when the sun rose, it shared its warmth with all who were awake.  What a sight!  ^^


It's the start of a new day!

Since no one was around, I walked towards the other end of the beach, each of my footprints making a new indention in the untouched portions of the shore.  Then I started singing random tunes which escalated to hollering my head off.  XD  Hope no one was near!  A few joggers ran past and I quickly shut my mouth and watched them disappear into the distance.  He he >_>

Elaine went back to the hotel to sleep, and Book and I walked to the port to buy some conch fritters to take back for the sleepy heads.  But they didn't sell fritters until 11am, so we settled with Bahamian breakfasts!  We weren't sure if Elaine and Daniel would want to eat them, since it was sort of a savory breakfast of grits and stewed fish.  Sounds weird, but I liked it a lot!  ^__^  More of a lunch than a breakfast though *very cereal biased*

We took the boxes of food back to the hotel to eat, so we could grab other breakfast foods from the eating area.  I tried *European* plain yogurt, but it was so plain that I couldn't take another bite.. D:  I like plain yogurt in China though! 

Where we bought our breakfast

Bahamian breakfast-- grits and mackerel!  OM NOM NOM

We headed back, and I took a nap when we got to the hotel room.  When it was time to go, we took a cab to the fish fry area at Arawak cafe and bought an order of conch fritters, since Elaine wanted a serving so badly~  And we finally tried what the Bahamas was so proud of.  Pretty good ^^  I couldn't taste any of the conch though, haha :P

Conch fritters jiggling around in the car :)

At the airport, we bought lunch!  Always eating right?  :D  I ordered a cheeseburger from Wendy's for the first time ever and was super excited.  The boys finished their burgers in 2 minutes before we hopped on the plane, but I ate mine on the plane to take up some trip time.  Did I ever tell you that when I was on a 5 hour plane ride to Boston, I took 1 hour to eat an airline meal of a hot pocket, mini-salad, and a Kit Kat?  Really taking my time there-- I wonder if people thought I was strange :)


Yeah that's right.  XD

When we landed in Charlotte, North Carolina, there was still some time to spare, so Daniel and I forced Elaine and Book to buy Cinnabon, since they've never had it before! @___@  I remembered Cinnabon to be gooey wonderfulness, because my friend once worked there and gave us a box.  But I was slightly disappointed because this time it was a bit on the hard side.  ._.  I feel bad for hyping it up so much for Elaine and Book.  I must find a *fresh* ooey gooey Cinnabon cinnamon roll for them!  ... or I should just make cinnamon rolls again ;)

Elaine's first cinnabon!

Book's first bite!

And... not Daniel's first experience, haha :P

We landed in St. Louis when it was dark, and Josh picked us up with BB.  He was picking up two other people during the day at different times, so he was probably making 923982 trips back and forth to the airport.  Thanks Hyung-- really appreciate it!  :D  The weather was cold and rainy, super contrasted with the sunny weather we had in the Bahamas.

It was a good break from the brain-crunching of school, and it was also my first time to travel with friends!  I'm really happy for having ventured out of the States with them; I now have memories that will last a life time ^^  

Summer break is within grasp!  Hang in everyone~  It'll be a break to remember :)