Piccadilly and Thai Pizza

Whew!  I just organized all my photos this morning, and it took 2 hours, since I hadn't taken them off my camera in forever!  x_x  Okay time to share my adventures at Piccadilly, an American grill tucked away on Manhattan :)

A homey look

The restaurant is pretty much in the middle of a suburban neighborhood.  So be sure to look closely, or else you'll miss this cute little restaurant.  They had indoor patios and seating areas, and there were so many people inside that we were whisked away to the back patio!  I kind of liked the bustling interior though, because it makes everything seem super exciting, but we would have had a tough time hearing another shout across the table ;)

David, Book, and Elaine are my eating buddies!

The patio was heated by indoor lamps, but we sat near an open area in the wall, so there was a cold draft near us.  I need one of these heating lamps in my room!!  So warm!

Nearby, the patrons at the next table received a HUGE plate of ribs.  All of us were amazed, and Book wants to come back and try them sometime in the future :P  After a bit of chit chat, our food came!

My salmon, "gourmet greens" and mashed potatoes

Gourmet greens apparently mean salad.  :P  I'd rather had broccoli or something, but it was still pretty good.  Also, the salmon originally comes with mac 'n cheese, but since I had it that week, I opted for mashed potatoes.  For future potential patrons, choose the mac 'n cheese!  It's a generous portion for a side, and it's piping hot and DELICIOUS.  (David got it as a side order!)

Elaine's meatloaf

The next two pictures were taken by Book, and I guess he is too used to his professional Cannon camera, because these turned out so blurry!  Haha~  But hopefully you can kind of see what the entrees look like!

David's chicken pot pie and mac 'n cheese in the background

Book's steak and potatoes

The portions were pretty small for an "American" sized appetite ;) and slightly on the expensive side.  I paid $20 total, including tip.  But the experience in such a cute restaurant with a few friends was worth it.  Be sure to check it out, and tell me how the ribs are :D

7201 Piccadilly Ave
St LouisMO 63143

Our next stop was Wizard's frozen custard!!  It was Elaine's and my first time at the original frozen custard location.  We were planning on going to Ted Drewe's sometime before we graduated and had never heard of Wizard's, but Book and David both recommended it.  

We got to stand outside the little shop and order at the window.  How exciting!  ^^

Various facial expressions :D

Book ordering his frozen custard

Trying his Wizard (frozen custard with hot fudge and brownies) = yummy!

:D  He he, so cute!

David's not a sweets person, so he just ordered a can of coke instead.  We ate out in the cold, and I kind of liked that because my frozen custard didn't melt :)  

Vanilla frozen custard with Oreo mix in.  It is SO good!

Instead of driving far to Ted Drewe's, why not give Mr. Wizard's a try?  You can watch your frozen custard order being made from the side windows, and it's such a cool shack thingie.  :P  Despite the strange name, their frozen custard is really good (although it was my first time, so I can't compare, haha)!

Mr. Wizard's Frozen Custard
2101 S Big Bend Blvd
Saint LouisMO 63117


Before the actual performance, SOK had dry runs / rehearsals, and we all got to watch the performances go through their runs.  Although I got to see these more than once, it was still fun to watch!  :D

Standing drums practicing

After dry runs, Michael, Derek, Vicky, Daniel, and I had dinner at Thai Pizza Co. on the loop!  It was rainy, but we got to the restaurant relatively dry.  

Derek ordered another pizza (as he did last time), but this time it didn't taste like Pringles :P

Derek and his Thai pizza!

Derek and Vicky being goofy

Michael is excited for his Tom Yum !

Daniel and his pad thai with lots of bean sprouts :)

Michael and I actually ordered the same noodle soup.  It's funny, because the soup is only $5, but having the noodles inside the soup ups the price to $10!  We joked that we would just bring our own noodles next time.  I wonder if that's legal XD

My first Thom Yum soup!

The soup is very yummy~  I'm not a huge fishball fan, but I enjoyed the warmth and noodles while the rain started to pour outside.  Daniel had actually never met Derek or Vicky before, but we were all chatting away about classes and random stuff.  ^_^  Yay for friend-making!

When we opened the door to go out, the rain was falling pretty thickly, so since we only had one umbrella between the five of us and Daniel was driving, I thought it made sense if Daniel went to get the car with the umbrella and picked the rest of the group up.  But I would've felt bad for making him go alone into the rain, so we left Thai Pizza together and plopped through the rain.  By the time we got to his car, my shoes had become to water logged that it was basically like walking around in a pool!  It was actually pretty fun getting soaked though, because I hadn't been that soaked since being in Houston!  :)  Whee~

I took off my dripping shoes in the back of his car and it was the best feeling ever.  I love being in cars when it's raining, because it suddenly gets very quiet, and you can see the rain slipping off the windows on the side.  Also, Daniel's car has two moonroof thingies, and it was cool to lay in the back side and watch the rain falling right above me ^^

We went back to Thai Pizza to pick up Michael, Derek, and Vicky.  Daniel dropped us off at different places: the Village, the S40, the S40 Eliot garage area, and my apartment.  He must have felt like a bus captain :P  Thanks Daniel!

Friend dinners are fun :)  I especially like when I meet new people (this time it was Daniel and Derek and Vicky meeting one another)!  :D  Yayyy~  *happy*


Last week, Book had a photo studio project, and he invited me to help him at the studio.  Even though I'm at the art school a lot, I never realized that one of the doors led to an actual legit photo studio!  It was kind of cluttered inside @_@  but it was pretty cool to see all these lighting things everywhere :D

I'll be posting about SOK and Night Market sometime in the future, so keep an eye up for that~  :3