Summer scheming


What is this, you ask?  Only a box filled with six delicate and delicious morsels of heaven baked in New York !  These are macaron cookies, brought back from Book's trip to the big city last weekend.  He brought everyone a box, and mine was so colorful :')  

The first time I had a macaron was at a Korean bakery in St. Louis.  It was crispy, good, but nothing to get excited over.  But when I bit into one of these babies... I discovered why macarons are all the craze!  ^__^  Even before I opened the box, I got excited just looking at them.  The box is so cute!  Ahh, marketing strategies... always working on me =_=

Debra's excited over her own box across the table!

I wanted to eat them as dessert, so I ate dinner first.  Guess what I had for dinner that night?

Hamburger!  :D

Haha, nope, just kidding!~  I had .. uhm. something else for dinner that night, but I forgot what it was. @_@''  But the picture is of a Nutella macaron!  We went to Macaron Cafe's website to look up their flavors, and they had so many!  I'm actually not 100% sure that this one's Nutella, but it tasted so yumyum!  ^__^  The outside is ever so slightly crisp but gives in softly to its middle texture, a creamy paste filling.  o_o *mesmerized*  I think I smiled when I ate it.  haha!  *embarrassing* >_<

Thank you Book!  I wouldn't have discovered macarons without you!  ^^

Ah!  This is what I had for dinner!

... on another day.  Haha :P  I was super lazy, so I put rice in the rice cooker, piled on frozen peas, and cracked two eggs into the pot before covering it and cooking.  I ended up something like fried rice!  But I had to add salt and pepper in while I ate.  Even so, super easy and amusing to prepare :)  The con: SUPER hard to clean.  I soaked the pot for almost 24 hours before I could get most of the stuff off!  While I was soaking the last bits of food, someone cleaned it for me.  Thank you mysterious one!~ :D


We had dinner all together (for the first time since I can remember!) for Anna's birthday on Saturday at Asiana Garden.  The mood wasn't too jubilant -sigh-, so I didn't take many pictures.  But it was the first time that I saw this dish:

Squirrel fish!

It's called "squirrel" because of the way they cook it, not because of the type of fish :)  Elaine, Anna, and Book were browsing on their phones online to find out.  Very enlightening~  ^^  The fish is flipped inside out and fried, and it was super delicious!  The taste is sweet, and the sauce was very viscous @_@

We each also had a big slice of an Oreos and Cream ice cream cake!  It was from Maggie Moo's, and it was soooo delish <3  I thought I wouldn't be able to finish, because I ate too much ice cream at the Bahamas, but it was so good that it disappeared quickly from my plate ;)

Happy 21st Anna!  ^_^b

My slice.  ALL MINE.  Mwahaha!

I've been spending hours on Google maps this week, looking at routes I can take using the Metrolink and Metrobuses.  Oh, the possibilities!!  :D   It's kind of silly, because it only takes 5 or 10 minutes to drive to some places but half an hour by bus, but when time is not a huge matter in the summer, I am *so* going to be running around St. Louis ^__^b

Since I'll be in the medical campus doing research over summer, exploring Central West End might be an option too :)  Although I think walking would be the best form of transportation!

Now to find some poor soul to drag along with me on my adventures...  :P  

Josh said...

yee food pixorz make me hungry. yeee growlin stomach.
LOLOLL we no get macaronz. -__-
dedee, post pixorz of ur cornrowwwlz

Wendy said...

Haha you devoured that fish dish! (/ fish dessert ;P) For some reason, I always think the eel rice smell smells like fresh bread..

Hurhh?? Boys didn't get macarons? I have one more in the fridge! It's pink and for you~~ :D

Cornrows disappeared :O They poofed away overnight! Haha, they were getting frizzy, so I took them out.