Easy does it

Psssst... wanna know a secret?  (Aren't they so CUTE together?!)  ^____^

I really love lazy days.

Days where I can just lay in bed and stare out the window.

Birds stay silent when the wind blows and scatters leaves against the rough brick, but it's still a beautiful afternoon :)

Days where I can go play in the kitchen!

Mini cakes!  Nutella filling in the middle :)  This was actually light, if you can believe that :P

What are these?

Oatmeal raisin cookies + Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies  ^^

Lemon bars

Easy, sunny, lazy days.

When I can slide my hand across the covers and just enjoy the velvety fabric, explore the stitching of the threads, and just close my eyes and relax.

Yep, these two really know how to enjoy life-- sleeeeeep ;)  Debra is so cute!

Oh!  And I also like days when people make me yummy breakfasts :D

Because it reminds me of home.

Even if I have never eaten lox and cream cheese in my life and that no one makes me breakfast at home XD

BUUUUUT, I can just wonder what my family is up to, right?  :)

My parents are da bestest :)  Laughs for everyone!  Hehe, we look so cheesy~

I found this video clip that I made over winter break to introduce Balto and Bacardi!
Well... more like introduce Bacardi, since she's not in many pictures up here ^^

Hope there's a lazy day in the future for me soon (looking forward to 15 hours of sleep, hehe); this week has been rough with catching up on work non-stop and having things due or exams every day @_@ as well as other things.  Not a good time to test my emotions.

My sister sent me a picture of her TANNING a month ago when it was snowing in STL.  Jealous!
(not that I tan... I have a shorts tan from wearing shorts for one day in STL =_= haha)

Ahh... Warmer weather!  Can't wait to enjoy the beautiful days of Spring ^_^

Have a nice day ^_^