Spring Break- LA Day 2

Good mornnnning~ ^^  Another Spring Break post!

BUT WAIT.  THERE'S MORE!  ... haha, I sound like an infomercial trying to sell you a juicer for only 4 easy payments of $19.99 plus $5 shipping and handling ;)

Nah, just wanted to put in a quick shout-out to my lovely Mom!!  Why?  Because today is her birthday ^_^   During winter break, we were at the mall together and she saw a purse that she really liked.  Being as frugal as she is, she didn't want to buy it for herself (yet... she encouraged me to buy myself TWO purses?  "You work!  You're young!  Girls need purses!"  Wait... doesn't she work too?  Doesn't makes sense, haha).  So I bought it online last month and had it shipped back home addressed to me.  Then I told my parents that I was expecting a package and for them to help save it for me.  So her purse is secretly chilling on my desk.  Then I wrote her a birthday message on a birthday card and mailed it to her.  It has instructions to go to my desk and open the box.  You always spoil me, so I hope that, at least this one time, I get to spoil you.  Happy birthday, Mommy :D   But no worries, I'll spoil you a lot in the future, hehehe~

BUT ANYWAYS.  Spring break!

Time for a whole day at Six Flags in California!!  Yes, yes, Six Flags are everywhere, so why not go to Universal Studios or Disneyland?  It's okay-- the future always holds a few opportunities to visit if I ever go back to SoCal... hopefully!

Our hotel :)

Wait, did you want pictures of us at Six Flags?  ... I don't have any pictures of us wheeeeee-ing are way around Six Flags, haha :P  But we left in the morning, dropped our hearts off the roller coasters, ate Panda Express for lunch (hahaha), and left the amusement park in high spirits!

But afterwards, we went to Little Tokyo to nom on some famous and legit ramen at Daikokuya!  I've had Book's version of ramen (homemade in his apartment!), ramen in Taiwan, and ramen in St. Louis.  But it was time to try ramen made in the heart of mini-Japan :P We put our names down and waited for an hour or so before we entered the restaurant.

Waiting outside... a little chilly, but nice weather compared to STL!

Even huskies like ramen, hyu hyu!  ^___^

Slightly blurry pictures, but the doggie looks just like Balto, with the exception of the black markings around the eyes (which makes Balto *much* cuter, haha :P).  The husky was allowed to go in (but even the waitresses were confused about what to do), and it quietly laid at his owner's feet.  WHY ISN'T BALTO THIS WELL TRAINED?!!!  ... Oh.  Well, I guess it was me who trained him, huh... er...  Hi!  hehe~

Long day for Hyung...  Fighting!  ^__^

Interior of Daikokuya

Oh my!  This would definitely be a place I would visit for dinner by myself if I ever lived near Little Tokyo.  They have a nice "bar seating" area, so patrons won't feel bad about taking a whole table to themselves.  The six of us squeezed in at a booth and took in the scene.

First up, (clockwise from top left) salad, shredded pork rice bowl, pork cutlet rice bowl

Debra and Josh both got ramen combos-- a huge bowl of their signature ramen + a small bowl of Daikokuya's other entrees (like terriyaki chicken, tonkatsu, etc).  Wow!  So much food~  This place would be great to go to when you're super hungry; prices aren't insanely expensive, even if Daikokuya is rated the best ramen place in SoCal! :D

And then the signature Daikoku ramen arrived!


Let's zoom up a little closer ;)

... not much zoomed in, but I just had to show off the ramen some more, tee hee ;P

There was a MOUNTAIN of green onions perched on the nest of bean sprouts.  Really pretty ^^  The meat was no-joke-melt-in-your-mouth tender, and the broth was hearty, savory, and a wee salty.  Miso based!  I liked the egg, which was cooked just right, so the yolk was a molten and bold yellow.  Om nom nom!  The noodles were also nice and soft (which I like!  al dente = no good to me!)~  @_@

Hehe, silly faces!

Okie, time to enjoy the food!

Every slurp, every sip, every chew, and every moment of savoring Daikoku's ramen was an awesome experience for me.  I'm pretty sure I'm near the crazy end for enjoying my food, but that bowl of ramen made me day!  Mmmmm~  It was so good that I continued to sip the soup until the broth was totally gone (had to restrain myself from picking up the massive bowl to my face to finish the soup XD)!  Needless to say, I pretty much waddled back to the car while fighting an onset of food coma.  *shuffle shuffle*

327 E 1st St
Los AngelesCA 90012

Yayyy, great recommendation, Debra!  Really enjoyed spending another day with everyone, whether it was laughing at whoever was screaming on the roller coaster rides with me or just sight seeing through the windows while in the car.  Day 2 complete!  :D