Spring Break- Los Angeles!

As promised, I will begin sharing my spring break with you!  ... Gosh dang it, I think I have food stuck beneath my keyboard, because my "y" key is really hard to press, so when I re-read what I've typed, everything is missing the "y's"!  :P

We left St. Louis and arrived in Los Angeles around the afternoon, and what do tourists do when they go to L.A.???!

Get froyo.  Duhhh.

Haha, well, Debra saw a Pinkberry and froyo was destined to be consumed that moment.  I've had Pinkberry once before in Houston with Jeff, and I'll be going to visit the location near my medical school next year too!  Yay :)

Elaine took a different flight and we saw her walking by to get onto the bus.

Hi Elaine!! :D

Then it was a stop to the car rental area, and the crew piled in!  I was Josh's navigator for the day, whee! :)

Santa Monica! :D

We headed towards the dance studio that everyone had planned to go to, but first-- kids gotta eat ;)  The first meal would be at one of California's awesome attractions, a pretty dang famous place for burgers at least!  So we searched up the nearest In 'N Out.   Well, no. *I* searched up the nearest In 'N Out, and then when we arrived at the GPS' announced location, there were no restaurants to be found.  Instead, we were in a residential area.  Anddddddd I realized that I had clicked In 'N Out plumbing services instead of searching up for In 'N Out fast food!!  @___@  Duuuurrdurdurdur~  Hahaha :P  Someone else searched up a "real" In 'N Out, and we rolled on forth!

Hey, it's Hyung!  Beep beep~

Here is the menu!  But there is a "secret" menu that's pretty well-known too :)

We all got grilled onions on our burgers (which is for some reason a secret menu option!), and a few people ordered fries.  When we pulled up to the drive through window, we could watch them pack together burgers with crazy speed.  All of us pulled out our camera phones and looked like a horde of paparazzi / tourists trying to take pictures of the process!  XD  The lady working was embarrassed and tried hiding, he he ^^''

This location had no indoor seating, and the drive through window was on the right side, so drivers who came by themselves would have to streeeeetch to reach for their food or pay.  We got to witness a guy in front of us perform the magical act :P  Quite cool, indeed!  

What a nice day to eat out!

The burgers came in a box!  A really nice box too, that we ended up throwing away instead of recycling or reusing (inner Earth hugger crying inside)

Chomp!  So how does this In 'N Out burger stand?

Fresh.  It tasted simple and fresh and delicious :)  Nothing like MINDBLOWN, but I didn't feel greased out or anything.  I think it might have to do with the lettuce.  They use a piece that's been folded to neatly tuck inside (no lettuce sticking outside on the edges).  That and the lack of ketchup and mustard.  I didn't get cheese, but even without, I enjoyed every bite!  ^^  Nom nom nom!

After lunch, we headed towards Debbie Reynold's Dance Studio!  Everyone else headed in to learn from a well-known choreographer, while I stayed in the ladies' lounge to goof off for an hour and a half.  The dance class was for intermediate / advanced kiddos-- I wouldn't stand a chance!  x_x''

Everyone who walked into and out of the ladies room (basically locker room) was super hip looking!  Very fashionable and hip-hop awesomeness :P  The girl in there when I arrived looked like Rihanna!

*stalking stalking*

Debra got her shirt signed by April (the choreographer that taught them for the day)!

Everyone was tired but happy :)

So after quickly changing at the hotel, we went to Koreatown for dinner :D  The place Debra really, really wanted to go to was too packed, so we quickly searched up another highly rated restaurant on Yelp and headed towards Jun Won restaurant!

Debra knows where good food is :D

Looks like a typical Korean restaurant, so my friend says~

The arrival of the banchan made me happy, and the rice was special too!  Barely waterrrr ^_^

Pike mackerel

I wasn't hungry enough to order family style, so I ordered pike mackerel.  I LOVE mackerel, SOOO yummehhh!  ^__^  I didn't know the difference between pike and mackerel and pike mackerel, but when it arrived at the table, I knew that I've seen it before at Japanese restaurants.  My mom actually really loves this fish.  We went to the same Japanese restaurant for 3 days just to eat their grilled fish because she liked it so much :P

Jun Won gave me three fish, which I thought was a lot :)  The fish was a little overcooked though, because there were a lot of bitter bits inside D:  But the good parts were delish!~  Finished all three fish and left with them swimming around in my tummy!  Everyone else enjoyed their food too :D

Jun Won
3100 W 8th St # 101
Los Angeles, CA 90005
Where's this?  Of course.

With these two here, we HAVE to get some boba!  ;)

Ahh, Josh blinked!

The line at Boba Time never shortened.  It was such a small shop, and the menu was so extensive and full of yummy-looking concoctions :D

Boba Time
701 S Vermont Ave
Los AngelesCA 90005

Full and happy, we headed back to the hotel for some shut eye.  Gotta get ready to play *all day* for the next day!

Debra brushing her teeth and writing in her journal

Anna and Sean plotting to take over the world ;)

Good night!  ^^