Spring Break- LA Day 3 and 4

Day Three!  Another day to step out into the unknown, to explore, and to really experience LA, yeah!  So pumped!

... except that I ended up with a case of food poisoning x_x  which meant I was running to the restroom every 15 minutes and feeling sorry for any victims who needed to use the restroom afterwards, haha ^^''

But it was so sunny outside!

And my friends were going out to play too :o

Phooey~  Oh well, guess that's what happens when you complain about always being constipated on trips, yeah?  Haha, so lady-like, giving up this oh-so-interesting information to y'all ;)  I stayed in the hotel and slept , my favorite past time :)

But they went to a dim sum place that Sean's daddy recommended called Sea Harbor Restaurant.  They said it was pretty nice, but I wasn't there and I'm not a dim sum fanatic~  Elaine and the others brought back food for me, awwww~ ^^ 

Can't read Chinese?  TOO BAD.  Haha, just kidding :)

I didn't take a picture of the first one, because it's not very photogenic.  It's congee!  Which is basically porridge (or as old English people would call it, GRUEL, haha :P).  This one had peanuts inside~

And VEGGIESSSS!  My favorite ^^

They know me so well, thinking of me and dropping off congee and veggies, because mushy rice and veggies is like my soul comfort food ^^  Josh bought me medicine at a Walgreens, and Debra got me a buddy to keep me company for the rest of the day while they were out  :)

Domo-kun buddy! :3  I just kept flinging this dude around for 2 hours before going to sleep, haha~

After taking the medicine, I felt better, so when they came back before dinner, I was up to go with them to K-town! :D  We went to Soowon Galbi restaurant, which was so popular that there was valet service!  O_O  Apparently they are famous for this one type of meat~

Elaine, Debra and Josh considering the menu

Fireeeeee... warmmmm

All the bancham were delicious!


Waitress helping out!

Elainey-pooh :D

GREEEEEN in the sea of protein, hehe~ 

The restaurant focuses on high quality, so there's no all you can eat option~  so there are Options with various choices of meat.

And meat they got!

My tummy was still on strike, so I opted for fish, om nom nom ^^

Grilled mackerel!!

So large but so good!

It was yummier than Jun Won, maybe because it was a different type of fish, but it wasn't bitter at all.  Just delicious, SUPER juicy, and ... I may be crazy, but slightly sweet?

Afterwards, we paid a visit to LACMA, LA's museum of contemporary arts, but it was closed since it was so late.  So we went on our way to the most famous landmark they have.

Debra *wuvs* LACMA!  hehe~

Oh?  Where's this?

It's the city sculpture!  Title: Urban Light~ by Chris Burden

202 restored city lights!

Nestled in LA on the side of the road

Quite amazing to walk through ^^


It's like walking in Wonderland!

... or the runway for Josh, hehe~

Lots of people there enjoying the sites and taking pictures ^^

This kind of reminded me of the Egyptian columns they have in temples...  Wonder what hide-and-seek would be like!

Anna banana!


Ahh!  I didn't realize Josh was sneaking up on me~

Oh... maybe I did :P
Pooh, I'm not the star of the photo :(  Hehe!

Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel to rest for a nice sleep (MORE SLEEEEEP) :P  Get ready for Day 5! :)