A junior year Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving morning should be spent doing what? ...  EATINNNNNG!! >:O  And Anna invited all of us to the annual Thanksgiving lunch buffet at the Knight Center again this year ^^  Same delicious food as last year!  When we entered, we shook hands with an Indian man who welcomed us.  He turned out to be the Dean of the Business school! :O

They had a dessert table with "Signature Knight Center chocolate chip cookies" that were very nom nom, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and BREAD PUDDING <3<3<3   There was even a soft serve vanilla ice cream bar with toppings on the third floor.

Dessert table

But of course before that, there was the "real food."  Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, candied yams, green bean casserole, corn souffle, pasta salad, salad, vegetable salad, bread rolls, and yeahhhhh, fooood.  @_@

Buffet table

It was like Hogwarts where the plates never emptied.  When they were close to empty, the servers would replace the tray with new, piping hot food!  @_@  *amazed*  Wonder where they store all that food and if it's kept warm or made fresh~  And what do they do with the left overs? :O

I ate one plate with everything:

... and then another one consisting of a whole bunch of green bean casserole, candied yams, and three more pieces of turkey.  *food coma at the table*

While I was working on my second plate, everyone else moved on to dessert, such as this apple pie!  It was so pretty!  But I had my eyes on the bread pudding >_>  *laser eyes* O_O

We went exploring to the 3rd bar for the others to grab some ice cream.  There was a courtyard with an ancient Chinese ding.  Pretty surprised I could remember the term from Introduction to Asian Art from last year ^^

Bread pudding with a chocolate chip cookie!  <3

With the three cameras among us, we asked the people at another table to take a picture of us.  So three of them held the cameras and we took turns looking at each camera :)  Here's the one from my camera! 

Happy Thanksgiving (Part I!)

Part I?  Yeah!  The weather outside was warmer than it had been all week.  So I went outside and played until dinner. <-- that's what I should have done!  Instead, I went home and took a nap.  Then I walked 3 miles outside before dinner.  I love walking when the weather is nice!  ^_^

When I came home, we all prepared dinner, each of us making a dish.  Here's the final result:

Happy Thanksgiving (Part II!)

And don't forget Anna's dessert (Pecan pie smores bars)!

Aghhh, why are humans so gluttonous?  *so full almost died*  So what to do?!  GO TO SLEEEEEEP.  Yep, sleep for Black Friday shopping!

We left super late... as usual.  But we went to West County mall, and I enjoyed looking out the window in the car on the way there.  Very peaceful.

West County mall!  BIG!

Anna!  And Sean :D

We went to a couple of stores together, and then we later split up into our own little groups / selves to explore.  I didn't plan on buying anything, but with every store we went to, I bought something =_=''  Guess that's why I shouldn't shop with others, haha!

I liked walking around the mall the best. So many stores!  And even a candy booth :O

Everyone was here except Book.  Oh, no, wait--  Book was here in spirit!  Josh ordered a drink at Starbucks with Book's name :)

Cell phones are so useful :O  I ended up walking around the mall myself and browsing a few random stores.  ^__^ Fun!  *walk walk walk*  Best part!  Then I waited an hour in a line that should have moved much faster -_-'' wasn't even that long and the suit wasn't on sale... but I was happy that I bought a new swim suit!  The old one was too small, er, or I am too big for it now, and I had to waddle to the pool and back to the locker room, haha~  >_<''  So I was pretty sad to find out I am a size bigger now D:  Maybe that means I grew though, since it was already kind of small for me freshman year when I grew an inch?  

$Bought some lip care at Bath & Body Works, gray turtleneck and vest from H&M, black shorts from Express, and a swimming suit for ~$150 total.  Is that good or bad? @_@''  I'm returning the turtleneck later though!  

Today I tried a different hairstyle; actually, I didn't plan on wearing it out of the apartment, but here it is!  Hope it didn't look too weird~

At night, I called home and had a nice conversation with my parents^^  Can't wait to go home for winter break~!

Debra said...

I really like that hairstyle actually!! You should wear it more often :)