Bahamas- Day 2 (Mini-sub adventures)

Catching up on my spring break?  Start with the Bahamas- Day 1 post!

Continental breakfast-- I love this type of eggs!

That's right~  It's breakfast at the hotel.  Although I know that this type of egg is essentially egg powder + water, it's still one of my favorite continental foods ^^b  

We waited in the lobby for our first Bahamian adventure called the "mini-sub adventure."  Everyone was super groggy @_@

Elaine and Debra look like dolls <3

Book and Daniel haven't woken up yet

The transportation bus took us to the other side of Nassau island in about an hour.  It was a pretty long drive, but it was like sightseeing!  :D  We hopped onto a boat carrying weird yellow mini-submarines which are like little motorized bikes that scoot along underwater.  You can see them in the background behind Debra:

It was sunny and bright, and the boat churned through the waters towards deeper water.  The water was *so* dang pretty (can't get over it!)~  @____@  I could see the rocks or coral reefs under the surface from the boat.  We sat on the top deck and gazed at the beautiful scene.

Pretty, yes?

Before actually mini-subbing, we went snorkeling!!  I never knew snorkeling gear covered your nose...  it made everyone sound like they had a bad cold.  That, or they just sounded like ducks.  The water was freezing, and we were all shivering.  I jumped in, took a tiny dive to look at the fish, and then we were called to get back up to the boat for our turn with the yellow bikes.  Durr =__=  but it was my first time snorkeling, so that was fun! :D

Daniel and Book

I have no nose!

The machines were crazy slow, and I felt super dumb since I didn't figure out how to turn off the paddle in the back of the machine until the excursion was almost over!  The scuba diver crew people had to push and pull me around quite a few times to make sure I didn't run away from the pack or bump into another person ^^'

Anyways, time to spam you with pictures from underwater~  I handed the camera to Debra a little later, so some of these were taken by her too!

For some reason, I find these barnacle thingies extremely creepy.  I can never go scuba diving for real!  

Josh is falling behind!


A group of scuba divers inspecting a fallen plane.  Scaryyy D:

Fish attacking a diver handing out fish food.  I touched some of them.. slimy?

We all had buoys attached to our machine to make sure we didn't go too low, and so the crew could see where we were

Elainey pooh

All of us crowded together.  Can you see two of us in this picture?

Inside the machine was super uncomfortable.  Oxygen is constantly pumped into your breathing area, but it was really cold and I guess I had a head ache.  I couldn't wait to get out of the machine, and I watched anxiously as everyone else got out of the water and onto the boat from below.  With each breath I was audibly exhaling and inhaling to keep myself calm.  So scary!  But Daniel later told us that his oxygen tank ran out to zero level near the end !!  Durr, I think I would've died from panic @_@

While we were waiting for to go back, we took over the stern of the boat, mwahaha :P  The boat rocked like crazy, and it was difficult to stay balanced.  Debra and Josh attempted to recreate the scene from Titanic XD


But in reality, we were all falling over and feeling gross after being in the weirdly pressurized min-sub machines.  I felt like throwing up, and Debra actually puked off the side of the boat x_x  Ahh, made us all scared of boats for the trip!  But the mini-sub experience was pretty unique, so no complaining there :3

After we got back to Paradise Island, we went to a restaurant near our own hotel called Anthony's.  All of us were feeling a bit sea-sick, so food was obviously the cure :)




Debra ordered conch fritters to try, while Daniel and Josh both ordered some type of pasta.  Elaine got a salad, and Book and I both ordered seafood sandwiches.

Debra and her conch fritters!

Elaine's salad

Book's conch burger

My grouper burger

I really like the fries in the Bahamas-- thick and potato-y :D  The grouper sandwich was delish, since the fish was so thick and juicy~

With our tummies full, we went to explore Atalantis!  It's a huge resort and casino that takes up a huge chunk of Paradise Island.  Everything inside is excessively lavish, and you would probably never even have to exit the resort to play :O  There's a shopping mall, casino, water park, night club, lots of restaurants / cafes / buffets, arcades, and more inside!  Crazy expensive though~

Daniel worshiping his pagan seacow :P

Man-made beach right outside the building

And another beach (a real one!) on the outer skirts of the resort

It was super windy and started raining, so we walked back towards the resort to explore.

See that Mayan temple thingie?  That's a slide!  It goes underwater through a shark tank :O

You can see the sharks chilling around the slide!

And another one near Elaine!  There were glass walls to watch people slide through

Still full from our 3pm lunch/dinner = dunch, we went to The Village, a collection of shops and stores near the hotels focused on tourist consumers.  The line at Ben and Jerry's was so long, and it seemed to never shorten!  I never knew people liked to eat treats so much :O  

Vanilla bean!  For some reason, it was a bit too plain for me that day~


Singers and instrumentalists showing off their skills :)

Super tired from the day's adventures, we all got ready for the night.  We were all so sleepy and ready to fall asleep at any moment.  Take this kid for example.. already sleeping on the couch:


Good night!  More on the Bahamas soon ^^