Movie night

I woke up today a bit frazzled and confused.  A quick glance at the alarm clock showed that it was 8:27am.  What day is it?  Do I have class?  Why did I wake up so quickly in a rush?  :O

And then I remembered.  I had a dream, another one of those mixed-up, non-sensical dreams.  And this time the main part that I remembered as I sat up in my bed and rubbed my eyes was that Subway was selling bulgogi (Korean bbq meat) sandwiches!  :P

Yeah, weird, but totally makes sense, right?  Haha~  Except when I ordered the bulgogi sub, the lady at the Subway in my dream gave me another imaginary menu option, the Cookies 'n Cream (!!) on sandwich bread.  I told her that I had ordered the bulgogi, and she got so mad :/  She told me that the bulgogi sub's price increased to $120.  I was shocked, and knowing that she was lying, was frustrated and sad.  So I smiled, thanked her, and walked out.

In my dream, I told my dad about it and asked him if he could go in and order a bulgogi sub for me.  So while he ordered, I recorded his conversation with the same lady employee.  He got it at $12, but when we opened up the wrapping to look at the sandwich, we saw this weird ham/bacon fusion meat instead of Korean bolgogi! XD  wth...

I went back myself and tried ordering the same thing, but the lady told me that is was $120 and gave me a hard time again.  The whole time, I was recording the conversation with my Nokia phone's voice recorder.  Haha, I don't see what the point of this dream was >_<'' but it was probably because I was thinking of ice cream sandwiches yesterday, and how come the sandwich outside part are never actually slices of bread...  that and Anna and I were talking about Seoul Garden, a Korean BBQ restaurant in St. Louis!  ^_^''  Weird how things in the brain can run rampant!

Another part of the dream that I cannot make any sense of is that there was some type of natural disaster... an earthquake?  Constant lightning strikes?  Basically, if you weren't inside, you risked injury or death.  So I took a little bird with me into an office building and went to the 9th floor in an elevator.  We stayed in a hall of cubicles, each cubicle supplied with internet access on computers, a radio, and a water dispenser.  XD  Water!!  <3  I helped the little bird wash off in a random water fountain on the desk, and it was SO CUTE! ^_________^  It could talk, so it was thanking me for helping out~  Makes no sense @__@''  possibly something related to our behavioral ecology class, since we watched a video clip about birds yesterday :3

Haha, okay, that was a random post :D  Everyone watched movies last night:  Anna and Sean saw Hunger Games, Josh and Debra went to see The Vow, Book watched 21 Jump Street, and Elaine downloaded and watched Walk the Line in her room.  And I watched... myself flip pages in my women's gender studies textbook =_=  But my dream was like watching a very random movie in my head while I slept! ^^b