Bahamas- Day 3 (Beach day and Arawak Cay)

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Where are we?  Cabbage beach!  The morning and afternoon was dedicated to pure zoning out and non-brain functioning on the beach :)  Ahhhh~  It was super windy though~

Book with his camera

The rest of the crew!

Mmm, hair in mouth, delishhh

Tee hee~

We ran around the beach, sprawled out and slept, and played chicken on the shore.  Later, we made a sand village / castle, Debra got buried in the sand, and the boys flew their Transformers kite!  Fun times~

We took a taxi to Arawak Cay, where the fish fry is most excellent~  The taxi driver recommended Twin Brothers, and we went in excited for some seafood!

The waitress was super nice, and we got free cranberry bread which Elaine exclaimed all over :)  There were tons of people eating outside and inside too.

Cranberry bread

Debra looking kawaii!! *o*

The girls~

Elaine's salmon

LOBSTAHHH  *drool*

I've only eaten lobster maybe 4 times in my life, so when I saw lobster on the menu, I jumped on it.  It came with 2 sides, but since I couldn't chose which sides (menu anxiety!) I wanted, the waitress gave me a third for free!  @_@  Everything was delicious!  I think the lobster could have been softer though ^^'

I really liked their Mac n' Cheese.  The macaroni noodles are flattened out and cooked into a casserole-like consistency.  Annnnnd it's a teeny weeny bit spicy <3  The coleslaw was okay (not a coleslaw fan), but I needed my veggies~~ D:

Josh's broiled grouper had *tons* of veggies!  Nom nom nom~


To save on cab fare and to enjoy the scenery, we set off from our dunch to walk back to the hotel.  We passed by the beach, downtown areas, and crossed over a bridge before getting back.

We reached downtown after 6pm, so all the shops were closed already.  The straw market still had a few store keepers left, and I bought a dolphin magnet for my sister :)

A Bacardi factory-- who ever knew their mascot was a bat? @_@

On the way back there were tons of restaurants and shops tucked away into the alleys.  This sushi restaurant was gorgeous, but I wondered if they ever got business.. so hard to find.  

A dock right next to the restaurant

One of my favorite pictures of the trip!  <3  Wuv you guys ^_^

The sun was setting and the wind was picking up..

... so we decided to mix and switch sandals!  Elaine didn't want to though; hers were probably too comfortable :)

There's a view of Atlantis' main hotel towers from the other side of the bridge

By the time we made it to the bridge, it was dark

The bridge was pretty steep, so it took a while to cross it.  Debra and Josh competed against Daniel and me in a mock Mario Kart race across the last part.  If I had bananas or turtle shells, I'm sure we would have won ;)

Back near the hotel, we went to The Village again!  We bought Tortuga rum cakes (apparently a specialty in the Bahamas), and Daniel bought rum.  Like.. rum rum.  Haha~  So heavy~

Elaine's super excited!  ^^


Since we were all still full from dinner, we went to Ben & Jerry's again for some ice cream.  I got a Very Berry shake, which was too thin for my liking (I like thicker ones!), but everyone else said it was super delish~  Nom nom nom, I liked the fruity flavors.  Where are my tropical fruits on this tropical island?! ~