Half & Half + The Fountain

The morning after we all returned back to WashU, we decided to visit Half & Half, a restaurant known for its brunch menu!  Elaine drove us all there, and we parked right in front of the restaurant. It was rainy and gloomy outside, so we hurried on in.

Walking inside, we were welcomed with such a cute set up!  Very brunch-like indeed.  We were seated at the window-side long table, but there were a bunch of "regular" tables on the side too.  The kitchen wasn't cut off from the other parts of the restaurant by a door; we could see people cooking up orders right from our table.

Warm and fuzzy feeling :)

Josh fixing up his hair :P

Elaine, Anna, Book, Debra, and Josh all ordered hot drinks.  They came out beautifully frothy, and Book's coffee and Debra's hot chocolate had heart / leaf designs!


Josh's green tea came with brown rock sugar

Debra and her hot chocolate

The brunch menu has a sweet side (pancakes, french toast, etc) and a savory side (sandwiches, omelets, scrambles).  We all had a hard time deciding what to get, since everything sounded so good!

Book is ready to dig in!  (Steak and eggs)

Debra's french toast surprises Josh with its grandeur!

Josh's salmon hash with hollandaise sauce

I'm not the only photo freak!

Anna and Sean super happy ^^

Clara cakes for Anna!

Group photo :D

Elaine and I both ordered the veggie hash.  It came out in a hot skillet with brussel sprouts, spinach, potatoes, and two delishhhhh eggs *o*  Heaven!  And delish~  Everyone loved their order, and we look forward to coming back sometime! :)

Half way done with my veggie hash~

Half & Half
8133 Maryland Avenue
Clayton, MO 63105 

In the afternoon, Daniel joined us for a venture to to The Fountain.  Elaine wanted to go for the ice cream and their pretzel cone!  The weather cleared up, and the sun gleamed upon all of us.  Super happy warmth!~

Why thank you :D

Inside was very quaint

Debra with a ducky face? @_@

Daniel being very attractive :P

Even more attractive male friends, haha!

And of course, my cute gals ^^

While they ate their ice creams and floats, Daniel and I ordered sandwiches.  We split half of each sandwich, so we could try both!  Both were pretty good; I liked the steak sandwich better, only because the cheese for the grilled cheese sandwich sort of solidified by the time I got to it.  The salad was super delicious with lemon poppy seed dressing, mandarin oranges, walnut, and feta (?).

Steak sandwich with lots of oozy cheese!

Grilled cheese with fuji apples inside :)

My half of the grilled cheese had 1 slice of fuji apple, but I like grilled cheese as grilled cheese anyways :P  Book was playing with my camera and got a shot of me gulping down the sandwich.  He ordered 2 floats, and the second one supposedly tasted like an orange creamsicle!

Om nom nom~

The Fountain
3037 Locust
St. Louis, MO 63103

Pretty fun day!  I'm glad I get to hang out with friends ^_^  I'm still sleepy from the spring break trip and don't feel like doing anything >_<  Whyyyy~

Elaine.Xu said...

Haha! I love this post! The pictures have the best facial expressions...xDD
Dittoooo having a hard time getting back into the swing of things - I want spring break again =T

Wendy said...

It's okay-- summer break is coming soon ;) Jia you!