O_O  Who is this little kid staring at his root beer float?  

Haha, it's Book!  He had never been to Fitz's before, so we all headed over for dinner last week.  The restaurant is known for their root beer floats, since they make and bottle their own root beer and cream soda at the restaurant!  Actually, they sell a lot of their drinks on campus at WashU :)  Too bad I'm not a fan for root beer or cream soda @_@

I've had their burger in the summer with Josh, Elaine, and Debra, and it was pretty good.  Yummy, but how can I differentiate burgers?  They are mostly the same to me :P   So this time I ordered the meatloaf!  Super tender and not dry at all.  Crunch-tender veggies-- Yummmehh!~

Super flash-killed picture ^^''

My only complaint about the restaurant is that it is so dang dark upstairs!  We were reading the menu by phone-light, and I re-positioned myself around the table so I could see what I was eating.  They ran out the mashed potatoes that would have gone with my meatloaf, so I got double veggies instead <3  Tee hee hee~

Snap of Debra and her delicious (HUGE) salad!

6605 Delmar Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63130