TSO Karaoke Contest madness

Last week was kind of hectic.

I was like.  *dies*  ORZ

I'm pretty sure my face looked like >:O  or =___= the whole week.

I was probably making pointless jokes and complaining too much when I was ready to snap too >_o

Not even from exams or anything, but because I agreed to do some things I didn't want to do.  That's because I had a terrible excuse for avoiding it.  I'm not stern enough to be authoritative, and I don't command respect.  Is it because I'm short or my voice isn't loud enough?  Pretty much mentally throwing chairs at people the whole week.  But in the end, it was a good experience, and now I know when to say "no" to peer pressure ^^  But anyways, to recap:

Making 120 servings of bubble tea at home

I made mango, strawberry, taro, and original flavors!

TSO people came over to help seal them in little cups with the machine after I put boba in them

Yep, we own a bubble tea sealing machine!  I bought it off eBay with Debra last year, and I remember Taejin helping us carry it from the S40 mailing room to the 4th floor of S40 house!  :P

Here's Michael, a freshman exec giving out raffle tickets to TSO's karaoke contest!

Upstairs, other TSO crew are setting up refreshments

It's intermission!  Lots of people came for food :)

Taiwanese popcorn chicken handed out in little bags to go along with boba tea!

Lots of performances, but my favorite one was the winner's!  Here's our guest performer.

Ahh, so hectic!  I needed to calm down and find my inner zen... what to do?  Find pictures of guys with nice hair, duh!~  haha ;)  Just kidding (... kind of)!  These are pictures of a blogger I follow, but I covered his face, just so you could bask in the awesomeness of his hair with me XD

Oh my

that is some smexy hair <3

My dad emailed me another picture :)  This is him trimming Bacadi's fur!  Tee hee, she's so well-behaved.  If it was Balto, he'd be scrambling all over the place~ ^^ 

Expert fur-trimmer