AMC Night Market 2012

Picture-rich, text-lacking post coming up! :D

Michael's birthday!  His favorite cake is black forest, but I've never made it before, so I found a version that didn't look that daunting.  First time making a black forest-y cake.  It turned out okay, although it was a little lopsided.  But ya know..  homemade, right? :)

Happy 20th Michael!

Cherries :D

Sweetening up a meeting with Michael's breakfast (birthday cake)

PL4Y meeting in progress

Jenny modelling off her slice of cake

Night came and it was the AMC Night Market event!

Why harro there (^.^)/)

PL4Y performed BAP's Warrior

And lots of people came to check out all the booths of food

Tim seemed like he was enjoying his goofy self

TSO booth!

selling HOT Taiwanese sausages on a stick, oh my!

Other groups selling kimbob

KSA selling shaved ice

PIKACHUUUUU! ... wasn't for sale

PL4Y selling bulgogi dukbokki and taiyaki, as well as buttons and raffle tickets for posters

:D  Daniel's eating something, not picking his nose

He he!  Irene, Jessica, Derek and Kathleen with TSO again!  ^___^

Standing drums performing at Night Market

Jordon's smooth voice whisking us all away~

WU Cypher having a battle.  Posture! >:P

Okay, now for a few paragraphs of text!

When we were cleaning up, I was taking the tables and chairs back to the ResLife office with other people.  On one trip, I was trying to carry a few chairs by myself, but I was holding them upside down.  After struggling for a bit, I finally set them down and started turning them right side up.  

"Need help with that?"  Someone grabbed a chair from my hand, and I was ready to yell in surprise.  I couldn't see their face at first because the stage lights were shining from behind, so I could only see a shadowed face.  Then I realized that it was Jeff!  He had popped randomly out of nowhere and picked up two of the chairs from my hand.

He helped me take the chairs to the office, and apparently he had stayed the whole time at Night Market, although I had only seen him once while I was there.  Haha, so coincidental~  So nice of him too!  Then Josh's voice popped inside my head, "Nice Guy Jeff."  For real.  Always coming to save me, haha ^_^

Elaine.Xu said...

LOL at Sean in the meeting pic
PS your cake was poawih nfisujd haksjd fnsdk sooooooooooooo good *drool just remembering it*

also, though I've never really met Jeff, he seems super nice ^^b

Wendy said...

Really?? Yayyy thanks ^_^ I ate so much of the cake itself when I baked it, but I didn't try it with the filling and after it was infused with cherry :P

Yeah! He is super nice-- I hope you get to meet him sometime :)