Being hypothetical

In an *extremely* hypothetical situation, if you gave a homeless person a meal from McDonald's, would you say "sorry" if they told you that they would rather have had Burger King while they were eating the burger--  Or would you just get annoyed or mad?


On another note, it's like an Autumn wonderland near Olin Library on campus!  The ginko trees are quite lovely in this shade of yellow.  It's even more fantastic when you're there to see it in person.

Like silken snow!

The word "silken" reminds me of tofu..  anyone else? :P  Anyhow, there was a strange blip in the weather this week.  It's been pretty warm in the high 60F's in the afternoon for two days, and I can get around in just jeans and short-sleeve T-shirts.  :)  Perfect weather!

Students park their bags near trees and study beneath them.  Quite interesting, as there was not really any sun shine to be shaded from, but the scenery is a perfect reason :3

Fluffy leaves!

I know it's a picture of the same place, but why is everyone wearing red today? :P

After pulling out my camera and taking a few shots, I walked into the library for my sweet lunch!  Hurr hurr hurr...  (<-- Has anyone ever red the Redwall series?)  ^_^  I can't believe that WashU manages to churn out new creations every week.  I never noticed it when I didn't eat sweets!  It's amazing and totally awesome :)

First up, the Tiramisu Chocolate Chunk Muffin.  Sounds delicious, right?  And it was.  Ha!  But it didn't taste like tiramisu at all.  No coffee flavor, and of course, no alcohol flavor either~  But the muffin was very tender with moist crumbs, and the semi-sweet chocolate chips gave a lot of depth. :D  The muffin overall tasted like a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough muffin. Nom nom, delish!~

Tiramisu chocolate chunk muffin

I spied something called the Boston Brown Bread Muffin in the bakery display case.  Seeing "Boston," instantly reminded me of Elaine, so I decided to grab it to try.  It looked like it was baked in the same tin as the Zucchini Loaf I had a few weeks ago.  The texture was pretty similar too!  It tasted slightly sweet and hearty like a bran muffin, and the texture was that of cornbread.  There were also either super plump golden raisins or just grapes baked right in.  Yum!  Kind of an interesting bread :D

Boston brown bread muffin

Oh, I just looked up "Boston brown bread" on Wikipedia.  I love looking up foods that I've eaten ^^b  No signs of raisins or grapes in the article, but molasses and whole wheat sound about right.  

On Tuesday, Elaine freaked out over the pumpkin bar, so I just had to get a piece. :P  It turned out to be very yummy :3  There was a cake-like crust and crumbles on top, and the filling tasted just like pumpkin pie.  Maybe I can try making my own version of this at home?~  It was so yummy that it might compare with the gooey butter cake.  ;)

I like how everyone I saw at the dessert section at Stanley's was a girl.  Do girls really like sweets more than guys?  Anyways, after Elaine and I got our sweets and while Josh was still in line for his sandwich, the fire alarm went off because the toaster machine burned something.  Everyone obediently packed up their lunches and bags and left the building, while Josh was left in line waiting for his sandwich, haha :)  But then the alarm stopped less than a minute afterwards, and we all settled down for lunch.

The next item on the list:  Gingerbread with Lemon Cream Cheese Icing!  More like... lemon cream cheese icing.  And then a serving of gingerbread muffin.  I didn't know muffins had frosting @_@  Well, actually it didn't specify whether it was a cupcake or muffin, but the texture was that of a muffin, so I'm calling it a muffin.  Did you know that one of my old swimming coaches called me "stud muffin?" 

... Moving on~~  haha ^_^  The icing was piled high, and it was surprisingly very palatable.  I usually think frosting is a bit too much, but this was like eating a lemon cheesecake, nom nom!  The frosting was consumed first before the actual muffin was finished off.  When eaten together, I could mostly only taste the icing, because the gingerbread flavor wasn't extremely strong.  There's definitely a gingerbread flavor, but it's pretty light and most of the sweetness probably came from molasses.  The icing was so poofy that I felt like I ate 3 desserts today.  Mmmm.. Also ate a Milky Way candy bar before my Baroque art history test too.. >_>

A few days after I ate those sweets, I was on the phone with my mom, and she concluded our talk about school and life with, "And the most important thing of all, Wendy, is stop eating so much!"  ._.  

I looked at the cell phone for a moment and asked, "The most important?"  She replied, "Yes, even more so than grades.  Your health is number one!"   "Really..."  "Er.. actually they are equally important."  Haha~  :P  My mom's so silly.  But yes.  She told me that it's especially important since I'm not married yet =_=''  Durr..

Since my mom says I got fatter, this mission will have to be put on pause / terminated.  Time to eat "regular" food for a bit and see if I can slim down before I got back home!


At lab, I saw my papers outside on the roof of some building outside my window.  At first my eyes went wide; I needed those papers for designing my primers!  I reached out to grab them, and my hand hit the hard glass of the window.  o_o  Ohh, the papers were actually just a reflection of the ones sitting on my lab bench. Durr.. =_=''  *gullible* 

... but doesn't it look like they're outside?!

I love having a huge empty floor space!  And it's carpeted! <3  That means lots of falling asleep on the floor while attempting to study.  David and I went swimming for 30 minutes Monday (and died), and after I ate dinner and took a shower at home, I attempted to study but kept taking mini naps.

It's funny, because there are patches in the carpet that are super soft, so you'll find me squished in one corner of my room.  *rolls around floor*~

Pretty, right? :)


Nope, this is not a picture of me.  Unfortunately I am not as attractive as this hottie here.  Guess who?  One of my family members~  However, when Debra saw her picture, she told me she was amazed about how alike we look.  *so flattered*

Connie, my older sister!

Connie's probably one of the most popular people in Downtown Houston.  (Well, at least that's my opinion!)  But I can't say that I don't see why, right? ;) 

I took a picture of myself somewhere at school (ha.. ha... >_>), attempting to look cool, but of course that never works!  ^_^''   And then someone walked in on me =_=  I noticed that we both still have abnormally large arms from swimming/water polo >_<''  Her left arm is pretty well hidden from the camera angle.  She still lifts weights, but I've tried staying away from those, so maybe she's even buffer??  Actually, I didn't do lion dance this year for that reason too (advice from my mom, ha!).  Since I don't wear makeup, I didn't have any on.  But what's silly is that I tilted my head the wrong way.  Nyuuu @_@  Also..  I got chubbier!!!  NYUUUUU T___T''  *will be eating healthy stuff now!*

So later at night, when I was at home, I attempted putting on makeup.  I don't see how she gets her eyes so dark, must put toooons of eye shadow (?) on!  I already looked like a raccoon / panda, but when I looked up towards the mirror, the eye shadow wasn't dark enough.  So I had to resort to looking at the camera display for it to show up~  Like my shirt?  ;)  And yes.   This is probably what I would have looked like had I went through a semi-goth skater phase.  So combining my two pictures, do you think I look like my sister?  :P  (I won't be hurt if you say "No," haha~ ^^)

Josh said...

hmm, in ur hypothetical situation, i would be both mad and annoyed. probably more annoyed tho.

LOL i had to turn away when I saw all ur pixorz of chocolate sweets. hahaha =P

daaayum, girl, u look hella chic. u do look a bit like ur sister, like BoA yo yo!

Wendy said...

There was only *one* picture of chocolate sweets!

Ha thank you? I look like a raccoon; yay! Connie's quite pretty ^^