Seoul Taco!

This past week, I saw Maggie walking on the other side of the street, so we had a funny conversation together, each of us yelling across the street.  It turned out that she and Sean went trick-or-treating too!  Maybe we can go together next time :D!~  I kind of wanted to take out my camera and snap a picture of her, but that would have been weird.  :P

In class on Thursday, I noticed that I was doodling on my notes.  My doodling = writing random stuff, but not really drawing.  Curious about what I was doodling?

Hmmm.. tacos and Rembrandt.  Very related  ;)

After Baroque Art, I walked towards campus, and something from the corner of my eye caught my attention.  Elaine had told me about Seoul Taco, a food truck, the night before, and we were to try it together with Josh and Angela if it didn't rain.  Fortunately, it was only sprinkling, so I walked took a turn from my usual walk up the hill and proceeded to take a stalker picture from across the road~  :3

I spy a blue truck!

I looked them up the night before.  Seoul Taco in St. Louis is a food truck that pops up at WashU every week at the Catholic Student Center.  To me, the food truck just seems out of place near WashU, haha, totally doesn't match the Gothic decorum.  I think of metropolitan places when I see the big blue truck!

They sell Mexican-Korean fusion food.  Here's the menu!  :D

Angela, Elaine, and Josh look tiny compared to the truck!

We all got two tacos each, everyone getting a different combination, but everyone trying the bulgogi taco!  Elaine said tofu was a good (semi-fried), Angela liked the pork belly, and Josh wanted more bulgogi tacos.  Angela said that the pork belly tasted more "Asian" than the bulgogi.  :)

A very cute Angela modelling tacos!

I liked both my bulgogi and chicken tacos.  They were on 6 inch corn tortilla shells, so kind of small, but they were super flavorful!  A bit of spicy kick in each.  Two made a good snack, but I wasn't extremely hungry to begin with, so I was satisfied with my lunch.  Josh had to buy a cookie from the little cafe in Brown to satisfy him, and Angela also planned to go back to the truck to get more!  They drive away at 1:30pm though~  I want to try the quesadilla next time!

Bulgogi and Chicken tacos *drool* :D

The gogi bowl is virtually a bimbimbap, but they ran out of rice today, so maybe another day if we come earlier!  I also took a few stalker pictures of the guys working inside, asking one of them to smile for me, haha!  ^_^''

I'm guessing this is the guy who started Seoul Taco, David Choi.  He's Korean, so the Korean side of the tacos must be pretty legit~  He seemed pretty busy bustling around in the tiny kitchen with the two other guys, so I didn't try asking him if he could smile for a picture, haha!  


Glad we tried it, since it's the first food truck that I've ever bought food from! :D