November's sweet entrance

On my way to the math department, I passed by an extremely fat squirrel.  He was nibbling on something, and I asked him, "Mr. Squirrel, what are you eating?  You are so cute!"  Hopefully no one was beside me, or they'd think I was deranged . After stepping closer, I found out he was eating from one of those single-serving Philadelphia cream cheese packs -_-''  No wonder so fat.  Sorry, Mr. Squirrel, I apologize on behalf of our human race for giving you an early death from clogged arteries!

I didn't get to get a picture, but I snapped a picture of his also-fat competitor who attempted to fight him for his cream cheese packet. :)

Hard to spot, right? ^^

I've been getting leg and back pain recently, so I immediately suspected too many sweets.  But that couldn't be right, could it?  I used to eat only ice cream and candy when I was younger.  Maybe it was yet another sign of being old T-T  *sniffle*

Josh and I both ordered a Create-your-own wrap from Stanley's Cafe.  We got spinach tortilla wrapped around grilled chicken, shredded carrots, peppers, mushroom, spinach leaves, tomato chunks, and BBQ sauce.  Both of us ordered it warm, so it came out in a toasty tortilla shell.

Yum :)

I actually like my tortillas soft and pliable, so next time I'll try that instead.  The BBQ sauce was also kind of watery, so it was only super flavorful at the end!  Josh also got a hot dog in attempt to bulk up.  Good luck, hyung ^^b

Missing a single "1!"

Another lunch this week included new sweets! :D  I was *so* excited to see this little carrot on the carrot cake and the words "gooey butter cake" on the name of the chocolate cookie!

I started on the carrot cake first . It was actually the first "cake" I've eaten from the WashU bakery ever!  It consisted of two layers, each separated by a super sweet (but delicious) cream cheese frosting.  Nom nom nom~  @_@  There were individual shreds of carrots, and you could see the specks of nutmeg or cinnamon in the cake base.  ^^v

Carrot cake

The chocolate gooey butter cake cookie was next!  Expecting this to be like the gooey butter cake but chocolate and in cookie form, I was a bit disappointed (*hears Josh cheering somewhere*).  The crackly outside is slightly crispy, and the sweetness is not overdone.  The texture was like a brownie, and it was yummy in that regard, but I was looking for the gooeyness from the gooey butter cake.  But still, the cookie was a good basic brownie in disguise.  Very deceiving indeed!  :P

Chocolate gooey butter cake cookie

Today's lunch?  Key lime tart and a raspberry currant bar-- two items I've never before seen here at WashU or in my life :)  Experimentation, baby!~

Ahem.  So anyways, let's tell a story.  I've never had key lime pie before, but I *have* had the Yoplait key lime pie-flavored yogurt.  For Yoplait yogurt, I like the "Light" version, rather than the original, not because it has 30 less calories and it's sweetened with Splenda, but because the original flavor is creamy.  Thicker.  Custard-y.  When my parents used to feed me when I was a lot younger, they were confused about why I would choke on things that you probably shouldn't be choking on, like oatmeal and yogurt.  And when I was older (elementary, middle, and high school), I would still choke on these things.  Well, it's not like *choke choke* I'm dying!  But more of a:  *swallow*  *throat spasm, gag* type thing.  By now, I'm pretty experienced and won't have a coughing fit, but it's still kind of randomly annoying at times. :P

You were reading about WashU's pastries, and then I forced you to read about my story about regurgitating food.  Haha, sorry!  But I promise that this has at least some relevancy to the topic!

I took a bite out of the crust first.  It wasn't flaky, but instead sort of stuck together and less crumbly, which was super delightful for me!  It was hearty and sweet at the same time.  The key lime filling tasted *exactly* like Yoplait yogurt taste!!  @___@  Kind of alarming, unless that's the way it's supposed to taste!  But yeah, it was good :)  But the only thing that made me decide I'll never eat this tart again is that thick, overly creamy texture that made my throat want to do some random spasms.  Cheesecake creamy is okay, but this was even thicker!  :O  Maybe I should have eaten it more slowly?  Anyhow, if you're a key lime flavor fan, this is definitely for you ^^b

Key lime tart

I tried out the raspberry and currant bar next.  Elaine said this one was "okay," so I had a few doubts about it!  I've never had currants before, but these little berry thingies are pretty tasty!  Like a prune / raisin hybrid or something, haha~  :)  

The bar has an extremely rich base (condensed milk) topped with a layer of raspberry jam or filling and a mixture of coconut, currants, and pecans.  Yumm!  I really like the sticky texture that the condensed milk had holding the ingredients together.  Quite delish ^^  The taste reminded me of a fruity granola bar, but richer!  Yay~~

Raspberry and currant bar

Hearing my body complaining about the sudden conversion to junk food for lunch, I ate a major whopping of protein for dinner the other day.  Night time pictures, sorry about the bad lighting >_<

Silken tofu with thousand year old egg (皮蛋豆腐)

What is this?  Playdough with rotten eggs?  Mmm, close, haha~  It's simply silken tofu with green onions, soy soy sauce, and century year old eggs.  The eggs are basically fermented (yum?  But no, seriously, yum!  ;P).  I blanched the tofu in boiling water to make sure the bacteria was killed off, but after I ate it, I realized I probably didn't put it in long enough, so only the bacteria chilling out on the surface got killed off.  I probably ingested a bunch of microbes that were hanging out in the inside of the tofu that didn't get warmed up enough. *sigh*  Oh well, maybe they're having a party in my tummy right now!

Haha, I actually forced myself to finish half of the tofu, which was surprising, because at home, I could eat almost the whole tofu block and still want more!  It's probably because before that, I ate a bowl of broccoli and carrots!  *must get nutrition, chomp chomp!*  Eating the silken tofu was like eating ice cream!!-- but a saltier version with the soy sauce, haha~  After I was done with half of the dish, I felt ready to puke.  Too much foooooood >___<  *curls up on the floor and lays there for half an hour*

Over-eating is always a problem for me.  Last week I made steamed spareribs, something my dad makes often for me when I'm at home <3  I didn't know how much soy sauce and what else I was supposed to add, so the chayote squash and Japanese yam weren't as flavorful >_<''  As a lazy bum, I thought eating meat off the bone was tedious (yeah, yeah, I'm gluttonous and lazy piggie :P), so next time I'll try meat chunks!

One day on the weekend, Elaine and I were talking and heard fluttering in the kitchen.  It turned out that a bird was flying around in the house!!  O_O  I've seen birdies wandering around in supermarkets, and it's like, "Oh, cool / cute / aww, it's lost."  But inside the house, where it's more likely that the bird will fly into you, it's more like, "AHH!! >___<  It's going to poop / bird flu !"  Or something or the other~  Elaine bravely opened one of the window screens (didn't know that was even possible), and the bird eventually flew out after banging its poor head against the glass a few times :(  But at least it's free!!  And it'll have adventure stories to tell its grandkids around the um.. nest-full of worms and stuff.  ;)

My hair's getting long!  But I don't know what to do with the bangs.  Without clips, I look like the girl from The Grudge.  =_=''  I want to keep / grow it long, but I don't know how to style it or make it not look like road kill when I wake up in the mornings :P  Suggestions?

Yesterday was cold and drizzly, but today St. Louis unveiled a happier day!  The ginko trees by the library are beautiful ^_^

Josh said...

Chyeaaaa~! *cheeering in background*
hmm, for your hair, would you want bangs? like this
hahaha i think its pretty cute.
or u can keep it and it becomes like!

LOL aiite, peacee

Wendy said...

Haha, I think you're just a *bit* biased about Taeyeon~ but I look terrible in bangs >_<'' so definitely no! Maybe I'll try for the second picture? :)

No worries, mocha bread is almost gone, all digesting in my tummy ^^v

Debra said...

Wahhhh the chocolate gooey butter cake cookie was SO delicious! Granted, I bought it at Whisper's and they didn't have the name for it so I had no idea what I was buying. I probably wouldn't have bought it if I knew. BUT I thought it was super good because it wasn't too sweet and its consistency was like a brownie.

All the food you make looks so yummy~ Think my grandma also makes the steamed spareribs.

Nuu Josh needs to eat some mocha bread! Or another chocolate alternative.

Wendy said...

Yeah, if it was called "Brownie cookie," I would have loved it a bit more! :)

Ooh, what type of steamed spareribs, or is it the same? Nyuu, I'm being compared to grannies again T_T *dies*

Haha, let's just buy a 5 lb. Hershey bar for him! >:D Tee hee~