Sweet memories, eats, and fun

At first glance, this place looks super futuristic, right?  Like... an area where your space craft's engines ignite and send you zooming off into the distance and out of doors that open for you at the last moment, allowing you to fly out of a hidden opening from under a waterfall and---  ...  Okay, okay, those aren't ideas for my future home >_>  buuuut, I can dream, right?  :P

It's actually a shot of the University City metro station.  It was manned by a single metro officer who checked my UPass and thanked me.  I replied, "Thank you."  But really, why did he thank me?  I should be the one thanking him!  Ahhhh!  But anyhow, I wonder if these officers get cold down here.  Lonely, maybe?  :/  Do you think they would think I was trying to poison them if I gave them cookies or something for Christmas?


Being the girl who randomly takes pictures of everything, I was on my way to school today and saw a two ladies taking a picture of a baby in a stroller in front of the WashU entrance.  Haha, I can just think that in maybe 16 years or so, maybe the baby will be grown up and entering the university as a college kid.  Time flies, right?  The one in yellow kept making baby noises and funny gestures.  :D


Here's a snap of our backyard on a rainy day.  So many trees to brighten up the atmosphere!  <3  When they all lose their leaves, this place will look like a city of the dead :(  Gahh, zombies!  *will never watch a scary movie / get tricked into watching seemingly-innocent videos introduced by Alex or Kevin again*

Since it's Autumn and all, why not have my food match the season??  :P  Haha, actually, that wasn't the plan at all, but one of my dinners ended up being quite Autumn-y-looking.  See that circle on the bottom left?  It's a microwaved egg that had a molten center!  Didn't know that was even possible~  o_0  And cauliflower is delicious!  Nom nom nom~

Oh my, I made macaroni and cheese this past weekend from "scratch" (aka not from a box!) for the first time, and it was delicious!  Durr, then again, I'm extremely easy to please, so let's say it was okay tasting, haha!  But yeah, I've always made mac 'n cheese from the Kraft blue box, and I always had to eat the whole pot / box to be full.  With 13.5 oz. of tube macaroni, I feel quite satisfied with eating a little less than 1/6th of the noodles.  Let's not mention the 18 ounces of full-fat cheese and the 2 cups of milk that went in there too >_> la la la~ ;)

Why no picture?  I bought whole wheat pasta, so the noodles are brown.  Looking at the pan reminds me of meal worms crawling around in some cheese.  Soooo yummy, right?!  .-.  Tee hee~  Next time I'll make it with normal pasta.  Shells?  Spiral?  Hmm, so many choices...

*big jump to next subject!*

“O lucky Paper, though without feeling, can you not feel, and though without eyes can you not see, and though without lips can you not kiss this beautiful bosom?  Cleander, fear not that your letter was lost…  Before she opened it, she kissed it, and sighed at every word as she read it.”  ~De hoofse Clitie

Isn't that sweet?  It's Korean drama in the old days... before text messages, email, Facebook stalking, and the such.  *sigh*  Ever have Kdrama moments or situations?  Definitely been through a few of those, and some were so romantic ^__^  


Do you know what else is sweet?  The mission on WashU campus!  *laughs at own corniness* (Pastries... sweets... get it? :P)  On Monday, I think I was so concentrated on the pastry display at Whisper's.  Don't think I made eye contact with anyone-- just eyes on the sweets, laser eyes O_O  *bzzzt!*  We actually had a free write in Exposition, where we just write whatever is going on in the classroom, and I ended up writing about how my stomach was growling and what I was planning to eat for lunch.  =____=  good thing we don't have to turn these things in ^_^''

When I walked in, my eyes were scanning the case for new pastries and saw Cookies and Cream cake (omgahh *drool*) and some Goat Cheese and Green Onion Muffin (@_@!!).  But the idea of a salty muffin was a bit foreign today, so I ordered its sister muffin sitting next to it: the Chocolate Muffin.  I also asked for the Scone. It was just labelled as "scone," so I have no idea what type it was.  o_0

The chocolate muffin was delish!  Definitely not meant to be eaten in public though, haha.  Every time I bit into it, it would crumble, and crumbs would plummet down in every which way, but maybe it was because I was voraciously shoving my face into the poor muffin.  Hope no one was looking at me >_<''  But the taste was ultra rich of dark chocolate, and it was super satisfying *happy*.  The muffin is very moist, even the top, and the sprinkling of chocolate chips added a yummy, slight crunch!

Chocolate muffin

So the mystery scone was the opposite color of the muffin, and there was no wave of flavor that smashed into my taste buds.  Instead, a subtle sweetness, kind of like when you eat saltine crackers and it becomes sweet? Well, the scone became sweeter as I finished more of it, but it was definitely yummy nom nom nom~  If you like plainer / less sweet treats, this one is so very delicious ^^v  The top was encrusted with pretty big sugar crystals (not the finer granulated sugar crystals), maybe it was turbinado sugar?  It was brownish in color~  And I didn't realize until halfway that there were pieces of nuts inside.  I think they were walnuts, but they were super small, and I don't know my nuts apart, so...  yeah! :D

Scone.  (Durr, Sugared scone with walnuts?)

Lunch in Lopata with Josh and Elaine

Stanley's selection of baked goods usually changes around every week or so, and this week I spotted this beauty!

Cookies 'n cream cake

It's essentially chocolate cake with a mini Oreo on top.  haha!  But the topping was whipped cream, which was pretty good.  In effort to make it more like Cookies and Cream, the middle layer of whipped cream had mini chocolate chips in it.  :)  Yummmy.

Along with the cake, I gobbled down a cookie.  There were caramelized apple chunks here and there. Kind of a hearty, plainer taste.  I enjoy the JEM cookie much more, but everyone says that's sweetness overkill ^_^''  

Walnut and apple blob cookie

The next day, I went to the library to grab lunch.  I saw the fruit tart and decided to try it.  When the lady was picking it out of the bakery case, she put it in the bag... not by placing it in the bag, but by dropping it from above!!  D:  All I could think in my head was "Nyuuuuuuu!!!!!" and stifle a small gasp.  Then she proceeded to plop a big muffin on it without mercy.  I paid, said "Thank you~," and then ran to the nearest table and picked out the fruit tart, trying to assemble it to look whole and good enough for a picture, haha :P

Fruit tart

A little messy, but hopefully still looks good :)  The tart crust was similar to the key lime tart:  a buttery taste ^^  But it wasn't as soft (or soggy?), and I wondered why.  Turns out that they first encase the bottom of the tart with white chocolate or white candy bark before adding the cream!  Ingenious.  The cream stuff was vanilla pudding, which I'm guessing they make from scratch and not a powder, because I saw a bit of egg white not fully incorporated into the pudding :)  The fruits were painted with a glossy sugar glaze after being placed on the tart, since only one side was shiny.  I like eating my foods separately, so I ate the fruit, then licked the pudding, and then nibbled on the crust.  Nom nom nom~

Next is the Goat cheese and scallion muffin!  When I saw this, my jaw dropped.  What in the world is this?  I think the word "scallion" might scare some people, but it's just another name for green onion!  So was this a... salty muffin?!  Yes, yes indeed @_@  It was savory, and it reminded me of eating some type of Asian bread...  Like. green onion pancake, but a bit salter and different texture?  The big white thing in the middle is a sphere of goat cheese!

Goat cheese and scallion muffin

Literally a sphere!  I actually don't like goat cheese (too strong!), so I picked out the ball and set it aside before enjoying the rest of my savory muffin <3

So much goat cheese!

On the last day of the week, I headed to Stanley's to check out the bakery case after class.  No new items (other than cupcake + cheesecake + pudding, but I'd rather try other things!).  So I walked to Holme's Lounge and found that they only had one scone and one croissant left!  Then a trip to the library~  It seemed like WashU was running out of food today, haha ;)  There were only a few trays of pastries left, leaving one entire case empty O_o''  But I saw a muffin I've never had before and then added in the gooey butter cake *weakness*.

I think bran muffins don't taste like... bran.  They taste like regular muffins but with delicious taste added in!  :D  Maybe it's molasses...  but there are quite a few plump raisins in here ^^  And I could see the fibers in the muffin.  Delish!

Bran muffin

Gooey butter cake  (with powdered sugar dusting! :O)


While I was at the art school, I walked past a staircase with some catering stuff near it.  And there were sweets lying in plain site!

I inched closer to take a look at what type of sweets they were, but I didn't want to look like I was trying to steal them, so I took out my camera to zoom in on them (haha, *dork*).  My Baroque art history professor walked down the stairs, spied them too, and said, "Well, that's tempting!"  :3  I laughed and told her that I was going to eat them with my eyes by taking a picture ^^

Looks delicious, no?

They were for a luncheon party hosted at the art museum on campus.  They seem to have a lot of lunches there... wonder what for?


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Random picture of leaves.  You get a hug and a kiss** if you can guess where I took this! :D

** Disclaimer:  a Hershey's kiss.  Which I will go out to buy if you guess it right, since I don't have any at home, haha!  :D