Wongfu Productions at WashU!

Wongfu Productions visited campus on Saturday.  Going in, I didn't really know much about them, but I later found out that I've watched quite a few of their videos already!  There were only 300 tickets to see them, and  they ran out quickly.  Thank you so much to Junqi for grabbing us tickets ^_^!

The line was immense although we had gotten tickets before hand!

We sat in the next to last row ._.  but the screen was pretty big, annnnnd we I spied on the three producer / directors who were outside College Hall from our seats before they walked in.  Mwahahaha!

Full house

Oh, let me introduce you to South 40's College Hall.  It was finished my sophomore year at WashU, and it's usually filled with long tables.  Our residential college names and colors are represented with flags from the ceiling, so it's sort of like Harry Potter!  (I want to go to Harry Potter world!!)

College Hall... attempting to look like Hogwarts, he he :)

Book and I talked randomly for a bit, and he decided to play around with my camera.  He's better at camera-angling to take self-shots than I am!  Probably practices, haha ;) just kidding!

Book is much better at photo angles than I am!

While the MC's introduced WongFu to the audience, most of us in the back were more interested in waiting for the three guys to pop out from the back!  (Sorry Stacey ^^''!~~)  And here they come!



...  And I'm sorry I don't have Ted >_<  My camera got a little too excited seeing Wesley and didn't make it in time to snap a shot of Ted.


Yeah, Wesley came in with his arms stretched out, and I was sitting on the aisle seat.. AND I WAS TOO ABSORBED IN CAPTURING HIS SOUL TAKING A PICTURE WITH MY CAMERA D:  *end of caps rant*

And what's even worse is that I didn't get to shake his hand when we took a picture together T_T  *sob*

So far awayyyy

They are so tall @_@  Can you believe they're in their 30's?!

Yep yep, so they showed us some of their old videos, plus some new footage just edited the night before introducing their new series... something about "Living with the Hans" or something.  It was pretty funny for being half-edited, and I think I'll follow the series!  :)

They signed the T-shirt that I bought (I <3 Nice Guys), starting with "To Wendy:".  I think it might be my imagination, but the colon turned out to look like an exclamation mark, so it was like, "To Wendy!"  YAYYYY!

*sigh* haha

Super glad I went to their showing, because I now will genuinely go look up their videos for fun!  My first time to see their videos was when I was in 10th grade when Jonathan showed me "Yellow Fever"... and half jokingly diagnosed me with the condition.  Not true!  I just like his abs!!  *ahem*  hahaha~