End of October

My academic advisor and I had an appointment to discuss course registration for the spring semester.  After two minutes of taking a look at my schedule and giving his "O.K.," he asked me a few questions on my research.  Soon, we were talking about his favorite cereals (Raisin bran) and how much sugar it has.  I felt like an expert, citing "19 to 21g per serving" in my head, haha!  He also laughed at Taiwan's "Love Boat" camp, the sister camp of the month-long camp I went to in the summer of 2009.  The Acer and Asus companies also popped up.  Loved this conversation :)

During the weekend, there was no one in the apartment when I took a shower, so I started singing.  It was quite at first, but then I became more confident and ended up bawling pretty loudly.  When I finished and grabbed my towel, I hear rustling in the kitchen and immediately went quiet.  Oh shooooot!  Someone had come home and was nibbling something in the kitchen... and heard all the racket I was making >_<''  Ahhhhh!  Turned out that Elaine had come home and heard me singing.  How embarrassing!~  ^_^''

The grandma downstairs baked cookies for us and left it on the stairs on a plate for us.  :D  So nice!  I didn't get to try any, but they looked super cute.  They were the Pillsbury seasonal cookies and I'm guessing Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chunk cookies!

Speaking of cookies... that reminds me of.. my WashU eat-every-treat mission :P  Last week's contestants:
zucchini loaf and the low-fat cinnamon pecan muffin.

I actually saw someone eating a block of mystery food in Biochemistry lecture, and I was really curious about what it was.  (Probably paid more attention to him eating it than the lecture itself =_='')  When I walked into Whisper's Cafe for lunch, I saw the block, and it turned out to be zucchini loaf!  It instantly became my next victim.

Zucchini loaf

What did it taste like?  I was expecting something like banana bread, except zucchini, but the texture was just like cornbread!  And it tasted just like cornbread :)  Yummm!  It's not a super sweet treat, so if you like cornbread like Sean, definitely try this one!  You can see the shreds of zucchini inside ^_^

*nibble nibble* (actually more like *Chomp!*)

The next choice, "low-fat" cinnamon pecan muffin, was a split second choice.  We got out of Exposition early, so the line at Whisper's was really short.  So short that I didn't get enough time to take a look at all the treats! I just saw "cinnamon" on the title of this one, so I ordered it.  And it didn't disappoint!  :D

The pecans are only on the outside, and the rest is extremely moist and lightly sweet.  Super fluffy and hints of cinnamon <3  *happy sigh*

I must look like a weirdo taking these pictures..

After my last class, it was to the art school for some research on my paper.  I saw this leaf and was totally confused.  I didn't know these leaves turned to silver!!  It was so pretty!!

... but then I realized that it was spray paint.  Haha!  @__@

There was a book I needed on one of the shelves at the art library, but another girl was using a shelf beside it.  If anyone's been to the library, they'll know what I'm talking about.  They use the "space-saving" system, where the entire shelves slide back and forth, compacting together when no one needs them.  Unfortunately, I had to wait in the aisle for 40 minutes before the girl was done.  I actually asked her if I could grab a book really quickly, but she was like, "We can share, just press the button to move it a little bit.  That way we'll both have enough space to look around."  I thought that was really nice, and I tried pressing the button, and it didn't budge.  After asking the librarian, I found out that the person has to be entirely out of the shelving area for the machines to move.  I told the girl that, but she was uncooperative.  *pent up anger*

*and release!*  It was one of those moments when I wished I had the rubber guy's ability from Fantastic Four to grab a book from between the shelves.  Maybe I could squeeze through..

So close, yet so far!

Debra said...

Zucchini loaf!! That's actually the thing I was trying to recommend when I said "pumpkin bread" last time I think. Lol whoops ><

Noooo I'm so jealous of Elaine getting to hear you sing in the shower. D:

Ah I can't believe you didn't try any of the cookies! I think I ate a lot of them. :(

And that girl sounds totally annoying. She wouldn't move, really? *beats her up* JK... violence never solved anything..

Wendy said...

Haha, I think pumpkin bread is a bit different than zucchini!! but then again, they are both squash thingie-ma-jigs..

>_< Nyuu, so embarrassing~ Her ears probably started bleeding.. :P

No worries, I'm eating enough sweets at school! Were they yummy? :)

Yeah, I would have only taken less than 45 seconds to find the book. But it's all good! :D :D

Debra said...

I really like the Pillsbury sugar cookies so I stole quite a few of those... yummm