Out for break!

My art history professor brought cookies to class!  I told myself "Okay, just one of each.." but there turned out to be like 29382983 types, and I ended up eating 4.  =_=''  Soooo, I decided those were for lunch, bought a banana at the medical school and ate it there before heading to lab.  But I ate salads for lunch the past week, so that should make up for it, right?  (Don't remind me that the past week was actually only 2 days >_>)  :P

So yummeh!

Anna was experimenting in the kitchen, and beautiful Oreo *healthy* cupcakes blossomed from the oven!

Anna in the kitchen~  Like her socks ^_^


Then we all went out to eat at Sushi Ai with David :)  Elaine drove David and me there, and she was so excited for arriving before the kids in the other car.  ... Which I still don't understand, since Anna was the one driving and not Josh, hahaha :P

She also brought her camera and started taking pictures!  Yayyy!  Anna, Elaine, and I were like the paparazzi or Asian tourists of the night.  *flash flash flash!*

Sushi Ai is known for its "All you can eat" sushi menu, and for dinner, it's $17.99.  Not a bad deal, right?  I got a teriyaki salmon bento instead though <3  It comes with miso soup and a salad with yummy dressing, ginger maybe? nom nom nom~

Miso soup and salad

Josh, Debra, and David's selection of sushi for the all-you-can-eat came out pretty quickly O_O  and there were SO MANY!!  I definitely wonder how they can still stay in business @_@

David's plate alone!

The all-you-can-eat also comes with unlimited appetizers like gyoza and edemame beans, salad and soup, or fried oysters too!  I was beginning to wonder if I had made the right choice in ordering a bento...

but then I had my own sushi too!  :D

and with the bento set it came in looked incredibly delicious ^_^  There were even vegetables beneath the salmon.  Sometimes the salmon at Japanese restaurants are kind of dry, but Sushi Ai's salmon was so juicy :)  I really like the taste of wasabi, so the sushi + wasabi and soy sauce was yummy.  Also, I don't like the taste of tempura, but I've never had a broccoli tempura, so I ate that one.  It was pretty good, but I wrinkled up my nose a bit at the tempura batter taste.  I peeled off the batter for the sweet potato and ate the potato by itself :D

Salmon Bento!!

Sean got the eel bento, and Elaine and Anna both got sushi rolls.  Those were around $9 each, so all-you-can-eat is definitely economically worth it.  But they were pretty~

Elaine's sushi

David finished his sushi first, and then Josh didn't even finish his before ordering a few other rolls o_0''  But they all managed to finish.  They were complaining about how full they were and would reach for another piece, haha!  But then again, Sushi Ai has a policy where if you don't finish your all-you-can-eat sushi, you have to pay $1 per piece.  I like that idea-- keeps from wasting food ^^  Yayyy~

David's plate's "after" picture

Debra!  (Photo credit: David, haha)

Anna and Sean (Photo credit: David)

^_^  Yay, happy times with friends, and one of the first few times I've been out eating with David-- fun!  :D  I especially enjoy eating at new places, since each restaurant gives me a different memory :3  Sushi Ai had half its tables filled on a weeknight, and the waiters were very nice, so I recommend going to check it out :D

Sushi Ai
12644 Dorsett Rd
Maryland Heights, MO 63043


Waking up without an alarm clock is great!  The first morning of Thanksgiving break was spent... eating cereal!  What else?  :P

Lunch came all too quickly, so I mixed brussel sprouts with salt, honey, and oil and baked them.  First time eating them, so I'm not sure what they're supposed to taste like?  I had several with 2 fried eggs and lots of cauliflower *food baby*!

The plan is to go grocery shopping for our Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.  I wonder where we'll end up going?

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