Biochemistry. Round 2!


Haha, what a great way to start off a post :)  That's Jeff delighting over his seafood soup at Hot Wok Cafe!  It was Debra's third time there, but everyone else's first time.  We were celebrating the finish of biochem for the second time!  ^^  It's a little restaurant tucked away into a large, empty plaza.  The place looks pretty impressive for such a small room when you walk in.  There are the heavy mahogany tables and chairs, the cloth napkins, and no disposable chopsticks in sight.  The owner at UCity Grill had recommended Hot Wok Cafe for their jajyeongmyeon.  And that is what I was there for!

Okay, food picture!  Seafood noodle soup

Jeff said his noodle soup was pretty good, and he finished everything!  There was a large prawn and mussel in there.  Both were devoured with a slurp, hehe~

Wilbur ordered Empress chicken.  I thought it was pretty silly to order something like that at a legit Asian restaurant, but I have to admit, orange/battered-and-fried-then-drowned-in-high-fructose-sauces chicken *always* tastes good!  (Especially at Panda Express!)

Wilbur taking the obligatory food picture ;)

When my noodles came out and was placed on the table, Debra just laughed at it:

Jajyeongmyeon!!!  How I've long awaited to meet you <3

Hehe, well I had to laugh with her.  It was like a pile of brown goop in front of me.  I thought it looked like an empty void XD  But hearing all the ravings from Korean friends, I was excited to dig into it nonetheless!  When I did, the flavor was much better than the version I had at a food court in a 99 Ranch Market in Houston.  It was much more flavorful, deeper and saltier, and there were visible chunks of onions and tofu cubes, instead of just all goopy sauce.  The noodles made the dish very interesting.  They looked homemade with their lack of uniformity, and in my mouth, they were starchy.  Jerry doubted that they were though, so I don't know!~  Jeff had the same noodles in his soup!  I'm glad I ordered the jajyeongmyeon, supposedly the closest to the real thing I can get in St. Louis.  The next time I get the Korean version of zha jiang myeon, it'll be in Korea.  I promise.  :)  *50 years later*  Haha, I'm kidding!  ... I hope @_@  Someone take me to Korea, please!~

Debra ordered a Mu Shu dish!  It's bean sprouts stirfried with mushrooms, eggs, cabbage, and carrots and served with homemade mu shu wrappers (crepes basically!) and hoison sauce with chopped green onion for garnish.  Looked huge and delicious :)  She ordered it last time, and she also said that this time it was still as delicious as before.  There were 4 wrappers that could form 4 medium Chinese "burritos."  Definitely looks like something patrons should try at least once :D

Mu Shu... er.. chicken?

Debra's ready to devour!

Lastly, Jerry ordered the Tan Pen Beef.  We think it's the Tie Ban (铁板) style, sizzling in a skillet.  It apparently did come out in a sizzling skillet too!  Mushrooms, baby corn, and snow peas were stir-fried with  the beef.  Both Wilbur and Jerry got rice with their dishes.  Everyone said their food was yummy!~  yayyyy *happy*

Jerry eating Tan Pen beef

My noodles came in a large portion which could have easily been split into 2 meals, but as hungry college students, it sufficed as one big meal.  My check with the tip ended up being $13, so it is on the pricier end for a Chinese restaurant, but I think it's okay for eating out at a place like Hot Wok Cafe.  If you're in Chesterfield and looking for some large-portions of Chinese food, be sure to find Hot Wok Cafe in its hiding place! :D  Delish!

Hot Wok Cafe
1436 S. Outer 40
Town and Country, MO 63017

Afterwards, we were planning to visit the Korean bakery nearby.  But we passed it and spotted the neon sign of Silky's, a frozen custard place and instantly changed plans to go and visit the establishment.

Inside, Debra and I took 293923 hours to decide what to get, while Jeff got a sundae with peach and Jerry got a grasshopper sundae.  They both looked yummy!  I ordered a concrete with blueberries, while Debra ordered a fried-ice cream concrete (seasonal special).

There are different sizes for concretes and sundaes. So beware, because my small concrete was double the size of the boy's small sundaes, haha~  They also have different sizes for their shakes.  Waffle cones were  offered, but I didn't see any of the many patrons order it.  Also, fried ice cream is just the flavor.  Debra and I both thought it would actually be ice cream that's been battered and fried, but it was cornflakes and caramel mixed into the custard.  It was good, but too sweet for me :D

The gang!

My first Silky's custard.  Looks so good!

I like custard / ice cream / froyo that's white, not yellow.  I think this one was *slightly* yellow, so it was disconcerting, but the flavor was smooth and delicious.  Well, custard is made of yolks, so I can't be too picky, right?  It was weird, because Jeff and Jerry's sundaes were yellowish (well, Jerry's was green with the mint sauce on it), but my custard was white.  Happy!  Jeff told me that apparently I should be able to flip the cup upside-down and it was supposed to stay in the cup.  I looked at him for a second, said "really?!" and flipped it over.

I think I waited 5 seconds and took a picture.  It all stayed in (spoon included)!

Jeff freaked out and couldn't believe I would actually flip it over.  Why not?  Because he thought it would flow out and it'd be sad that I would be left with an empty cup.  Well, have faith in your frozen custard!  And have fun too, hehe~  So I guess Silky's passed the flip-cup test ^^

We all went outside to eat our custards, except for Wilbur, who was still digesting the Empress chicken. :P  We squeezed onto the bench; it seemed perfect for 5 people, hehe~  I asked one of the ladies working inside to take a picture of us on the bench, and she seemed really confused at first.  Haha, us and our pictures ;)

After we were done eating, we talked about movies, and Jeff and I explained Cabin in the Woods to the rest.  Jeff had actually seen it, and I had only read the Wikipedia plot summary (I will never watch scary movies!).. which ended up freaking me out anyways.  It was silly, because the plot involved 5 college kids, which comprised of 2 girls and 3 guys.  Oh wait, that's us!  We tried labeling ourselves as how they were in the movie, but it failed, because we couldn't find anyone to fit the "Fool" and the "Whore" categories.  Hope that wasn't a spoiler by any means :P

Apparently Silky's frozen custard is all natural, and it touts its custard as the "world's smoothest."  Find out for yourself!  They have tons of options of fresh fruit, candies, cookies, and nuts.  If you crave sprinkles, chocolate sauce, or whipped cream, those are free!  

Biochem group-- great work!  Love hanging out with you guys~ ^^

Silky's Frozen Custard
12810 Olive Street Rd.
Creve Coeur, MO 63141