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Let's start heat this post up a bit!


I went to eat with some friends at Tani's, and that's the Oh My God roll.  It's on fire!!  Very good.  Quite flavorful.  It's super dark in the restaurant, so I had to use flash (nooooo!) to actually see anything on the camera.

Pink Panther and The Incredible rolls

Both were delicious :)  I like The Incredible, because it had a bunch of seafood layered on top, but I bet many people would have thought it was super salty.  It was a little spicy too ^^  The Panther was more mild, but the shrimp tempura inside gave it a *slight* crunch tucked inside the rice.  And the outside was actually pink!  :O  I realized that eating sushi here doesn't require wasabi to make it taste good @_@  Nom nom nom~

Hamachi Kama- grilled yellowtail jaw with teriyaki sauce

This is actually an appetizer, but had it come with a bowl of rice, I'm sure it would have made a great meal!  The jaw was meaty and tender, and the sauce was delicious ^^  The green stuff on the edge had no taste, but the skin was crisp, and the dish was very flavorful.  If I wasn't in public, eating this with my hands would have been much easier~  ;)  Didn't get pictures of the other people's foods though.  The food was too far away!

Tani Sushi Bistro
16 South Bemiston Ave.
Clayton, MO 63105

Did you read my previous post about how I like to swim a lot?  Oh well, anyways, I take off my earrings when I swim, and I used to put them in a ziploc while I was in the pool.  But then I had this *brilliant* idea (Yes, BRILLIANT haha).  Just use my watch as an earring holder!  Omgah, amazed at my own genius!  

Haha, so silly, it's actually quite a simple/stupid idea, but at least it works :3

After swimming, I usually just go home and eat something, but on one of the days I went to Smoothie King for lunch / post-workout snack!

And I felt like a GLADIATOR.  Hehe, just kidding!  I got the green tea smoothie ^^

I added strawberries inside, and it tasted so yum yum!

I think next time I'll ask for blueberries!  I couldn't fall asleep that easily that night, and I woke up really early at 6:30am naturally.  Must not be used to caffeine in my body at all @_@  I'm sure there's not *that* much caffeine in that smoothie, but I never drink coffee or tea, so it's a possibility...

I had been wanting to eat at St. Louis Bubble Tea forever.  But no one seemed to ever want to go, and when I had a group of people to go with, there was never enough space inside for us to sit down.  So I went down the street to Bubble Tea to buy their Soy Sauce Chicken.  When I set out the box on my table for dinner, I just stared.  It's such a HUGE portion of food!  Heaping with rice, loaded with bok choy, and supported by a bed of marinated chicken.  Oh yeah, there's a stewed egg tucked away by the rice too ^^  

Since I just went swimming, my stomach was growling for anything edible.  I hadn't eaten before I swam, and I went grocery shopping after swimming too, so that meant I hadn't eaten in 12 hours (aside from the smoothie, but that was more of a cool down than real food, hehe).  SO HUNGRY!  By the time I finished half the rice, the egg, and bokchoy, I was already satisfied (and slightly full).  But I hadn't touched the chicken, so I nibbled on that... and ended up eating pretty much everything D:  No self-control!  Next time I'll eat something before I head to the pool
Soy Sauce Chicken

Closer... to show that there's TONS of food!

I really enjoyed the sweet-ish gravy on the rice.  The stewed egg was quite flavorful, and the bok choy was nice and crunchy.  The chicken was kind of on the salty side, but it was still moist and delish!~ Yay!  I highly recommend this dish, and so does Derek, who ate it a day before I did! 

However, I also recommend not eating the whole thing in one sitting.  I think it's enough for two decent meals, and after I finished the probably 3-lbs worth of food, I was ready to just hit the bed in food coma.  >_<  The portions are generous for the price!  It was $7 for the box :)

St. Louis Bubble Tea
6677 Delmar Blvd # 100
St. Louis, MO 63130