Lunch at Rooster

The day Josh was coming back to St. Louis, Daniel, Sean, and I went downtown for br/lunch!  I looked up some restaurants on Yelp, and Daniel finally narrowed it down to Rooster.  It's described as a cafe, crepe, and sandwich place!  Downtown is always so confuzzling with its one-way streets, but Daniel somehow expertly navigated around to a parking lot near Rooster.  I forgot to bring my change pouch, so we couldn't park on the street sides and instead had to resort to parking in a $5 lot.  There was this medieval parking payment device, where you stuff $5 into a slot with the number of your parking spot.  It's kind of on the honor system, since they check for money randomly, so theoretically if you parked without paying and left before they came to check, you could park for free.  But they can lock down your car or tow it away, so it's better just to be a good kid and pay ^^b

It's like a giant piggy bank

The moment the three of us got out of the car, the sun unleashed its battalion of merciless heatwaves upon us.  Rooster was right across the street and we headed towards the big windows and people eating outside.

When we stepped inside, we were led to a table within minutes.  The inside walls were painted orange, and the sun really lit up the place with the help of the large, panel-less windows.  The main room had a large rooster painted onto the walls, and the furniture was wooden.  Rooster has a very home-y, back-to-Earth feel, and they support that through their natural and organic foods (the menu had an information bit about how their food is organic and stuff :P)!  Very peaceful and happy feeling~

We came on a Sunday afternoon, and the main room as well as outside tables were all filled.  There was a hallway that connected to another room, but I think that one was empty.  I'm guessing that you don't have to wait very long to be seated!

Oh look, the woman is patting Daniel's head *pat pat*!

Haha, once we ordered (which was difficult!  Sean and I both had two choices we were deciding between, so I picked Sean's and he picked mine.  Well, I picked his, but it turned out that Daniel wanted that one too, so Sean picked the other one, haha!), I took pictures of the boys, and the first one turned out to look as if the woman in the back was touching Daniel's hair!  Hehe, so here's a *slightly* better one (although it kind of looks like both of them have human tumors on their heads =_=''):

Sean took this one!

I just realized that Asian boys like to do the ^_^v peace sign too.. I had thought it was a girl thing!  Anyways, we admired the large windows for a bit, and the waitress came back with all of our food.  It was so quick that we had barely waited at all!  The boys say it's because it's a breakfast/lunch place, so the food isn't that hard / slow to prepare, but I still think it's pretty dang fast, because at other places like Half & Half, the food still took a while to come out~  :O  Anyways, let's move on to the food, yayy!  :D

My beautiful plate of Caramelized Bananas and Nut French Toast

When I read "nut" on the menu, I was thinking a few walnuts (and no idea what caramelized bananas meant).  When I poked my fork around the gigantic mass in front of me, there were walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, cashews, and almond pieces!  The toast by itself was sweet and slightly eggy, and it went well with a bite of banana and nuts.  But when I added the maple syrup that was available at each table, the flavors really unified and made my day.  Delicious!!  ^__^  I also like that it made it moister.  The french toast wasn't dry to begin with, but moister is a plus for me :3  

Now that I'm typing up this post, I realized that the french toast consists of 3 big slices of bread.  The boys each took a triangle to try, but I still felt like I ate so much after finishing the rest!  It's quite filling and very satisfying :)  Okie dokie, onto the boys' food~

Yet another "peace" sign :O

Scramble #6 (bacon, mushroom, emmenthaler, arugula)

Looks delicious, right?!  What's emmenthaler?  It's a type of cheese from Switzerland.  Actually, it's a fancy name for Swiss cheese.  (That's actually really interesting-- I didn't know that! :P)  Sean said the dish was really good.  The omelet thing is laid over a bed of greens and pan-fried potatoes.  Looks yummy!

Oh my, Daniel's eyes are so big! O_O

The Slinger

This is the Rooster Slinger!  On Yelp, I think this dish had its picture taken approximately 2839283 times.  :P  It's a thick piece of toast covered with sausage, pan-fried potatoes, topped with an egg, and smothered in gravy.  I was surprised at the chunky texture of the gravy.  I wonder what's in it?  Daniel couldn't finish it, so Sean and I ate some, and the potatoes and gravy are very flavorful and peppery :)

We finished lunch very satisfied and happy!  My only complaint was that no one came to refill my water glass :'(  Haha!~  It's nice to go and explore downtown-- I think it's fun!  Daniel and I were still full from Rooster around 8pm!!  The french toast doesn't look that filling, does it?  Hehe, but if you are in downtown St. Louis for breakfast or lunch, this place is definitely worth checking out ^_^  Nice view of the Victorian style architecture from the large, clean windows, cheery waiters/esses, and delicious and beautiful food! :D

1104 Locust Street
St. Louis, MO 63102

Debra said...

O_O Food looks AMAZINGLY good!!! How come we never heard of this place before?? I WANT TO GO WAHHHH

Wendy said...

I think it also has to do with the pretty atmosphere. Rooster was actually on our napkin list on the fridge (Book's choice)! :) We can go again later, or... you two could go on a lovely brunch date together ;)