First food adventures of the summer

St. Louis...  known for the BBQ, soul food, Cardinals, bipolar weather, and... now food trucks!  :D  There is an official food magazine called "Sauce," and I often see it gracing the front doors of the nice restaurants I visit. Anyways, their website just reminded me that there will be two Food Truck Fridays while I'm in St. Louis for the summer, one on June 8th and July 13th at Tower Grove Park, 5-8pm.  Hope I'll be there (and how about you? :D)!

Anyways, I visited my second food truck in St. Louis, Guerrilla Street Food.  They sell Filipino-inspired food on a menu that changes regularly.  I'm happy, because they serve rice dishes! ^^v  I walked to the intersection on the lookout for lunch, and my nose and eyes spotted two food trucks the moment I exited the building.  Yes!

The rugged Guerrilla Street Food

The sleek Sausage Syndicate

Guerrilla Street Food and the Sausage Syndicate.  People were walking past me with sausages on a bun and potato salad or chips on the side, and it was a happy sight.  However, I'm not a die-hard hotdog/sausage fan, and Guerrilla was serving RICE.  NOM NOM NOM :3  I joined the line, running through the menu in my head and trying to see what sounded the best for a first-time experience.  I ultimately chose the Flying Pig!

*very tempted to jump around in excitement while in line*

Although I like a little spicy, sriracha sauce makes me feel like I have a volcano in my mouth, a very unhappy volcano at that.  I saw a few patrons walk out with a box full, and I mean FULL-- they filled it all the way to the brim, of rice and shredded pork drizzled with sriracha and hoisin sauce.  Looked beautiful!~ @_@  I also saw people order their lumpias, or spring roll things 潤餅.  Will definitely try that in the future.

The current menu (always changing!)

Three out of the four people in front of me ordered the Flying Pig, which ended up being the box of rice and shredded pork.  They also had something called a "1 hour egg" on top.  :)  Egg!! <3  I asked for mine without sriracha, so I put a dollar tip in their tip jar for the extra effort (yes, yes, it's *less* effort to *not* put sriracha sauce on it, but it's customization off the menu!).  The Flying Pig was $7, so my lunch was $8.  Simon passed by and told me that food truck food is too expensive.  Yeah, I guess it *is* relatively expensive, but you're paying for the experience and atmosphere too, I think ^^''  They accept both cash and credit cards, which I thought was totally cool, because they had this little card reader sticking out of an.. iPad? / tablet thing and people were signing their names on the screen!

Anyways, I told Simon I'd be eating in the cafe area, so he went back to his lab to grab food that he brought from home.  While I was waiting for my order, I saw Brian.  He had a huge sausage bun thingie from Sausage Syndicate, and it turned out Simon was meeting with him for lunch, so we went ahead to the cafe place and sat down.  I whipped out the camera and started gushing about how excited I was about trying out Guerrilla Street Food and forced him to attempt a smile with his mouth full of Sausage Syndicate.  Haha!

Simon sat down at the table a short while later.  The Flying Pig was a huge portion, and both Simon and Brian agree that it's probably more worth the money than Sausage Syndicate.  Presentation was nice too (pretty!)~  :D  Anyhow, the pork was really tender and moist!  If you usually eat light, then the meat itself would suffice, but the hoisin sauce definitely added lots of flavor.  I bet the sriracha would have brought it up a whole 'nother notch!  *tempted to try it with sriracha in the future* ... *face falls off from over-spiciness*  Oh yeah, and I think the black sesame seeds add a nice visual effect even if I couldn't taste it ^^

The Flying Pig (sans sriracha sauce)

"1 hour egg" :)

The 1 hour egg turned out to be something like a poached egg.  The white outside was cooked, as was the yolk, but it was molten.  Mmm, a little more cooked than molten, more like creamy?  Anyhow, it was great! :)  I bet I ate 2 servings of rice by eating the dish, but it was soooo good.  ^__^  I'm excited to try their Adobe Chicken and lumpias.  I'll be in line next Thursday (hope this is a weekly spot, anyways!), Guerrilla Street Food!  They definitely set the bar for future food truck adventures :3  *nod nod*

Guerrilla Street Food


Since I've already talked about Seoul Garden twice now, I'll briefly run through dinner (I went to Seoul Garden XD)!  Jeremy invited me to eat with a bunch of people (yay, love meeting new people!), so I definitely didn't want to miss out~  There were three students I never seen before and met: Julie, Nolan, and Joyce.  It was funny, because when I first introduced myself, Julie was like... "You were in that video.  Se7en!"  And my jaw just dropped and I went Durrrr.... :P  I sat next to Julie and Nolan who were both self-proclaimed hermits, and I also joined the self-proclaimed hermit club, explaining that's probably the reason we've never seen one another before.  He he he~

Big group!

I didn't get the all-you-can-eat (thank God!) and ordered naengmyeon instead.  First time in my life :D  Caution:  This dish is extremely un-photogenic, thanks to the mirrored bowl it was served in...  but here's to give you a glance.  ^^''


Korean Cold Noodles.  Yes, so cold in fact, that I saw ice sheets in my bowl!  Julie said she got it before with broth, but the server recommended the spicy version, so that's what I got.  When it came to the table, they cut up the noodles with scissors because they said they were too long.  I didn't quite understand what they meant until I took a big bite of noodles.  Oh myyy, soooo chewy that I had a jaw workout, and I was sure I was going to swallow the noodles whole or choke.  XD

The buckwheat noodles were topped with a huge slathering of gochujang, a few slices of beef, sprinkle of shredded chicken, a slice of Asian pear, pickled cucumber, and a hard-boiled egg.  Pretty yum :)  They also gave me a squeeze bottle of this clear liquid, warning me to use only a little.  I tried some on my spoon, and it tasted like vinegar.  I'll have to try the dish with the broth in the future.  Wonder if this is authentic?

Julie's actually a vegetarian, but she decided to take a break from her 2 year vegetarianism for one day at Seoul Garden to eat pork belly!  Hehe, so funny ^^

Taking a break from being a vegetarian... for one meal!

I demolished the side dishes and pork stew (no one was eating anything except the meat D:)...  When we went up to pay, Jeremy and Eric were still at the table noshing!  Haha, what a funny sight, I had to take a picture, and a few kiddos came in to join when I clicked the button.  Sorry for the blurriness >_<''

Get out of here!  ;)

... Okay that wasn't short at all, but I tried ;)


And to wrap up the week with something sweet, I bought lunch from a food truck called "Holy Crepe!" on Friday.  It's kind of silly, because after I ate at the Creperie in Clayton for the first time last year, I suggested to my friend that if they ever had a food truck, I would love it if they sold crepes.  And here my wish came true: a school bus mobile cooking up fresh crepes, both sweet and savory!  ^_^

It's kind of unique, because instead of the usual truck with the huge open space on the side, this was an old school bus.  They opened the windows to take orders and hand out their food.  I like the usual open space better, because it looks more comfortable and utilitarian :P  I'm going to be mean and say that I think Holy Crepe!'s truck looks kind of dinky, but they sell fresh crepes, so I can't complain!~~  <3

There were *3* food trucks at BJC today, Holy Crepe!, Hot Aztec, and Pi.  Since I've eaten at Pi's restaurant several times before, and I just came back from the land of TexMex, I decided on crepes.  I couldn't spy on people's food from Hot Aztec since their food came in styrofoam carryout boxes with lids, but their menu listed tacos, tortas, and bacon-wrapped hotdogs.  Pi sells only deep-dish pizza, but knowing Pi, I bet it's good.  I'll probably eventually try Hot Aztec and Pi, but it'll be difficult if Holy Crepe's hanging out with them on the same day ;)

Sweet or savory??  Ahhh so hard to decide, but sweet for this time, since last night I killed myself with savory Korean food and plopped into a food coma after I took a shower.  @_@  The menu had two sweet crepes, banana & nutella and strawberries & creme.  I wonder what their cream is made of?  They also offer fruit-infused lemonades (such as blackberry mint lemonade), which a lot of people ordered and looked refreshing ^^  I had been craving bananas for a week, so my lunch only cost $5!~ Should have brought my change pouch to tip them... Next time!  ... And there *will* be a next time >:O  *slams fist on non-existent table*

Patrons get to see their crepes made fresh, and it was fun watching the ingredients go into the crepe in the same order as the menu.  Someone got the "BLT," which had bacon, spinach, tomato, and spicy mayo, and the lady literally added them in that order :)  Then I saw her tear open a banana and use the whole banana (!) and squeeze nutella onto the crepe.  *drool*

They sprinkled powdered sugar on it and called out my name.  I love how food trucks to that.  The three food trucks I've bought from (Seoul Taco, Guerrilla Street Food, and Holy Crepe!) all ask for my name when I order and call me when the order's ready).  I guess it's to avoid confusion over who orders what, so I wonder what happens if I was the only one who ordered, with no one in front or behind me in line...

Anyways, I almost skipped with joy back into the building :P  The crepe was large and lumpy with its banana pieces, and it looked like a vulnerable pile of deliciousness dusted with powdered sugar <3  I grabbed a fork but no knife or napkin from the truck, so I was un-gracefully wiggling the fork through the crepe skin in effort to cut it and licking my lips ostentatiously like a lion / using my fist to wipe my mouth every 5 seconds.  Very lady-like ;D

The crepe was so good!  The skin was soft and tender, and it soaked up the nutella nicely, so each bite was like.. *bam! Nutella!*  :D  The banana was really yummy with the chocolate too.  Since it just came off the crepe stone thingie, the sauce was hot, and the bananas were softened and warm.  Yay!^^  The only thing stopping me from licking the Nutella off the paper plate after the crepe was in my tummy was the fact that I didn't have a napkin with me ;)

If you're looking for freshly made crepes for lunch or dessert, stop by Holy Crepe!~  You satisfy your sweet tooth and midday hunger with $5 , and their most expensive item is only $7.  There were quite a few people ordering the savory crepes, so I'm sure those are a hit.  I really like crepes, and I'm sure after you try Holy Crepe!'s creations, you will too!  :)

Holy Crepe!!/holycrepestl