Storing up for finals

With finals upon us, what else to do, other than eating lots?  Haha, seriously.  I find myself telling myself I should eat more to keep up my strength and then end up eating a bajillion candies / cookies / ice cream  etc etc~  Durr..

I never realized how cute all of our TSO girls are <3

It was TSO's shaved ice and bubble tea workshop.  Super hectic.  Super turmoil, inside and hopefully not outside.

Test run!

Om nom nom

Hehe, cute picture!  Food unites all!

Peace treaty:  dinner at Pho Luong~  Third time having their food, delish~  Although I'll definitely try a rice dish next time :)  Renault was visiting and we all went to eat together!

Cute ^^

My massive bowl: combination

The always well-dressed couple and Amber!

Debra's interesting and delish-looking tofu and veggie plate

Next day~  TSO retreat / dinner at Seoul Garden, all you can eat Korean BBQ.  @___@  Needless to say, stuffed myself silly.  Enjoyed eating with everyone!  I think I was pretty quiet the whole time though, just constantly chew chew chew, swallow, grab, chew chew, etc.  :P

My favorite part of Korean food: banchan (?)!


TSO son/bro and daddy!

Bulgogi sizzling away


Haha, love this picture of Teddy.  He's sprawled on two chairs!

All right!  I ate enough protein to last me for a month!  Although I think I'll just lay off the meat for a week or so ^^b  I don't feel like I'm about to explode, but I definitely ate at least 4 meals' worth of food...  Next time I come here, I'm definitely not getting the all-you-can-eat.   Jajangmyeon!!?