Grandmaster Daddy

The TSO family subunit ventured out to the mall together :)  And to ensure we wouldn't blow up the mall or something (that we are 16 or older), we were given bracelets at the Galleria. ._.''

I felt so cool, being part of the Stl Galleria club, hyu hyu!~

We made Derek a teddy bear at Build-a-bear!  Michael had never made one before, so we forced him to step up to the task :D  When he was supposed to choose which heart went inside the teddy, he inspected one after another and kept rejecting them!  I asked the lady if there were different types of hearts, and she just looked at me quizzically and shook her head with a smile. He he~

Which heart is the best?!

Debra and Michael dressing up teddy

We dressed the teddy up in a surgeon's outfit, and the two of them were laughing about how it was like dressing up their future babies.  Haha, so funny-- poor future babies, they basically shoved the teddy's limbs through the clothing :P  We named the teddy "Grandmaster," as a salute to TSO!  Mission accomplished ^^b

Michael is ready to take Grandmaster back with us :)

Afterwards, we stopped by Godiva for Debra's free piece of chocolate for the month.  Michael and I looked at the strawberries on display, wondering who on Earth would pay $7 for a single dipped strawberry.

Beautiful, but expensive

I think this is super pretty!

Super cute chocolatier teddy ^^

Giant macaroon!!  @____@ Nom nom~

Then we find out that Debra spent $8 on a spear of dipped bananas and strawberries.  Haha, Michael was like, "Oh.  Debra would."  Tee hee hee!  But it took her more than 5 minutes to eat, since it was spatially challenging, so I think it was more worth than the single strawberry :D

Debra consuming her Godiva treat

Later that week, we went out as TSO family to Ginger Bistro!  Look, we were all super excited:


We ordered family style, each of us choosing a dish.  I asked if the Mapo tofu was spicy, and our waitress said she had never tried tofu in her life, so she wouldn't know.  She also said it was her first year trying salads, and that she was not an adventurous eater at all.  I thought that was crazy amazing!  How can you go your whole life without touching tofu?  Or salad?!  Well, I guess tofu makes sense.  I hadn't had shepherd's pie, creamed spinach, or other steak until college, so I guess it's what your environment is like.  But I thought salads were commonplace :O

It was kind of funny, because Derek thought she said "solids" instead of salads!"  He later told us that he was keeping himself from asking her if all she ate was smoothies or mush.  Ha ha!  So silly...

Silly Derek :)

Debra and Belinda!

Debra took charge of the camera for a bit, and when I came back home and looked through the camera's pictures, I found a boy!  Haha, I'm telling you, my parents advocate the idea that I can pass as an anime guy =_=  Well, the closest guy I think I match is L from "Death Note."

Oh my.  Don't I look like a boy?  Ha ha~

Anyways, our food came out.  We had Pepper beef, mapo tofu, green beans, chicken, and another beef dish.  Yummy!  Everything was pretty salty, and the mapo tofu was definitely not what I'm used to, but it was good nonetheless.  Ginger Bistro's food is really filling, I think, I felt like I was exploding when we walked back to campus.

Prepare to eat!

Beef dish?

Ginger Bistro
6665 Delmar Boulevard
University City, MO 63130

We presented Derek with Grandmaster, and he liked him!  :D  *happy*  Michael and Belinda had to go study, but I went back to Derek's dorm with Debra to pick up the sweets I was delivering that night (but more on that later!).

Daddy and Grandmaster ^_^b

Yay!  I know Derek will be a great doctor.  Good luck in medical school :)

Debra said...

Hi Wendy! *unrelated* but guess what?? My cousin interviewed Daniel Henney.. twice!!! :O :O :O

(I had to comment here because I think you might check it more than Facebook!)

Wendy said...

Harro! WHAAA??? Why did s/he interview him + in Korea or the US? That's so cool @_@ Haha, I think I would just clam up and not talk in front of him :P

Debra said...

She interviewed him in LA because (a movie with him just came out.. I think? Called "Shanghai Calling") she's a writer for an LA magazine!

Wendy said...

>口< Wah, so lucky! What a cool life :) Ahh, Shanghai Calling.. Haha, I had at least two people put links to the trailer on my Facebook a while back :P

Debra said...

Haha I just thought it was weird that he was playing a Chinese-American protagonist.. well I guess I shouldn't because cross-ethnicity roles happen all the time.

Did you want to watch it??

Wendy said...

Didn't even notice that @_@ But not like he can speak Korean anyways haha~ I guess I'd watch it for a movie night at home or something, but it doesn't seem good enough to go to the movies / pay for it XD Why... do you?!