Cheerleading? No, baking!

Haven't had a post about baking in a while!  So I had half a dozen eggs left in the fridge and a weekend to enjoy.  What better to do than make some treats for friends to enjoy during finals week?  ^_^b  I had also told Jerry I'd use the recipe he gave me as a Christmas gift before the school year ended, so I kept my word  :D 

I didn't have baking cups, so I prepped the pans and baked mini-cheesecakes.  I had a hard time prying them out of the pans, and many of them lost their crusts >_o 

Crusts left behind!

And some just totally failed.

Ooh, and I used the pan Elizabeth gave me for Secret Santa!  I also told her I would use it before the end of the school year!  Haha, gosh.. these little things are always in my head.  Glad to have finished checking those things off~  I put pumpkin bread in cruller pans and topped a few with the cheesecake batter just to see what would happen.  Taking them out was difficult too!

But eventually, I packed them all in boxes, ready to go!

Then the fails were reduced to a single plate.  Pie crust galore~

And for the few specimens that survived:

Pumpkin bread with cheesecake

So the brown part is the pumpkin bread, and the white is the cheesecake.  This one has chocolate swirls :3

I also tried something I thought was pretty cool: putting two layers of cheesecake crust (like a sandwich!) :D

This one's cheesecake with a dollop of chocolate

And this one's a plain jane :P  (although I think I accidentally got some chocolate on it)

Time for my favorite part!:  Seeing my friends enjoy something I've made by hand ^____^b

Debra's breakfast

... during our meeting.  

Haha, we were dividing expenses for utilities and groceries.  Everyone had laptops, and it felt very business like!

Anna's breakfast!

Hehe, that picture makes me happy-- looks like she's going to enjoy it!

Later, I headed back to campus during the evening to deliver sweets to friends studying on campus.  It made me really happy inside when they accepted.  Some ate it in front of me and thanked me ^^  Just knowing that this little treat would be something to brighten their night of studying is pretty cool!  

So that concludes my weekend of fun before I need to start studying for real. :)  It was fun, but now time to catch up on sleep and my veggies!  (Restaurants are stingy on veggies, haha~)

Debra said...

Heehee, love the picture with Anna in it! She's shooo cute :D

Wendy said...

Anna's always cute!! :3 Oh, and I think I forgot to thank you after I got back from my final, but thank you for mailing my textbooks for me! ^_^b

Debra said...

No problem~ Not a big deal at all!