10/10 Dinner

Guess what I had for lunch today?  :D  *drum roll*

Peanut butter cake!

I had to tell you that I ate peanut butter cake beforehand, or else you'd think it was a big wad of brown lumpy stuff!  (... poop? :P tee hee *runs away from Elaine)  Anyways, I found this recipe online called a "one minute peanut butter cake."  She uses legit ramekins (instead of my simple bowl), adds a sugar glaze on top, mixes in chocolate chips, and has really nice pictures.  Check it out!  It's really simple: eggs, brown sugar, baking powder, flour, and peanut butter.  Things you would probably have around the kitchen, and you just zap the mixture in the microwave for a minute! :) 

I was actually really surprised when I took the bowl out of the microwave, because the mixture puffed up maybe 3 times the original height!  The cake's texture not the usual type I'm used to eating; it was more like a bread-cake hybrid, but it was still relatively delicious!  Nom nom ^_^  Next time I'll microwave for 50 seconds instead of a minute, because it was a tad bit pasty.  Try it and tell me how it goes! :D

After shoving the cake into my mouth, Elaine and I drove to campus for a PL4Y meeting.  Here's our very legit meeting space!

Jenny and Ben are choreographing Dance Marathon, so we got a sneak peek on their progress.  It was quite impressive for just 2 days of work! @_@!  Excited!

Josh took Debra and I home, and we lounged around until 10/10 Dinner.  Choi came over to carpool there.  I just formally met Choi (complete with handshake) last Saturday, and she's totally awesome!  Super funny and cute :3  10/10 this year was at Mandarin House.  The banquet is TSO's annual big event, featuring 10 dishes for 10 people per table for $10 a person.  Last year it was at Wei Hong, but I think the atmosphere and food at Mandarin House is 10 times better!  (high give if you got the semi-pun ;P)

Choi, Debra, and Elaine :)

The boys taking a break from food :D

Sean and Anna!  ^_^ 
According to Choi, Anna's face looks zombie-fied due to her laptop!

Scarlet, Danni, and Carol.  I met the latter two today while eating!

Elaine, Choi, and me

Wahh, so many people!  Super happy~

Here's the TSO president in blue with Vicky and their buddy.. who I have yet to meet ^^'

Mmm.. fooooood

Sitting beside us was a table of young Koreans!  I introduced myself and got their names.  Let's see if I can remember:  Ashley, Jeff, Sunsup, Wonkyu, Hanju, Wonjin, and...  Durr.. Dang it, I forgot the name of the guy in the middle TT___TT  *sigh*   Minsu!!  Maybe I'll meet them again on campus sometime!  They were very nice ^^


The cool graduate students!  :D

This was very tender chicken smothered in sweet sauce @_@

Walnut shrimp!

Durr?  Choi sat on my right and Debra sat on my left.  Near the end of dinner, they were clasping hands for some unknown reason while talking, and I was just like "la la la~" in my head while they were talking across from me.  Haha, so funny :P

In the private room in the back, there was a marriage banquet going on.  I asked if I could take a picture, and the waiter said sure (although I didn't get the bride and groom's permission >_>'').  The waiter said, "You can come here to eat when you get married."  And we laughed before I replied that it might take a while until that happens!  ;)

The new TSO execs had a video and it was SUPER cute!  Kyuuuute!  ^____^ <3  The food was pretty good too.  I didn't try the red bean jelly dessert or the soup appetizer, as there were only 10 servings per table and we had 11 people.  But I'm sure those were good too.  The youngster Koreans beside us finished the walnut shrimp, but they left the broccoli untouched!  Nyuuuu!  But I took leftovers home from our table, since no one had enough room in their tummy for the last Szechuan  beef dish.  Whoo!  Dinner for a week!!  :P 

Fun night ^^  I only got to talk with the tables in my area (primarily our table, young Korean table, and graduate kids), but I feel like everyone was pretty happy :)  Actually, at my table, I only got to really talk to Debra, Choi, and a bit of Elaine, since we're sitting in a huge circle and it's hard to talk across.  I couldn't even see Josh from my angle either ^_^''  We also had nice raffle prizes that people were excited about:  an Amazon Kindle, an iPod docking station, and a $10 Starbucks card.  There was a trivia game where the winning table received ten $5 Starbucks gift certificates.  There was a moment during the evening when my heart jumped a bit and I held my breath for just a split second, but I think it's totally implausible, so let's push it aside~  All in all, an exciting evening!  

Debra said...

I can't even remember what me and Choi were talking about. T_T

Korean table is so photogenic (and no wonder you know all the Koreans!!)

Another adorable picture of Anna and Sean. Sigh~

Hmmm.. heart jumped a bit? This sounds like something I want to hear about!! Tell me later!! :D

Elaine.Xu said...

Beautiful pics as always =)
Will def try the peanut butter cake next time~ =))
And yes, you should tell us about this heart-skipping incident =D

Wendy said...

Yahh, I'm sure it will taste yummy with soybean butter too :) Haha, I told Debra about heart-skipping... it was msg quickening my pulse, tee hee~ :D

Wendy said...

I know, right? Koreans and photogenic-ness >_<! Seanana :P