Secret's out

Blahhh!  The truth is out.  My love is public, and there's no way I can go on hiding it.

No, I'm not talking about the dare I did last night at TSO Chill Time :P  Although I probably traumatized the person.  ._.''  (sowwie!)   Oh!  Before we continue the topic of this post, I just wanted to say last night was fun ^^  There was this comic that Kevin and Alex showed us, saying that it starts out looking scary but was actually really funny.  So we gathered around the table, and I squished my face near the screen to get a better look at the screen.  As we were scrolling down, Alex kept going, "Go down, read more, it's really funny!"

AND THEN IT WASN'T FUNNY.  Omgahhh!  The comic was animated in this one portion that showed a freaky, freaky animation, and I screamed bloody murder and latched onto the nearest object I could find:  Anna's legs.  Poor Anna, I probably scared her too T_T  Ahhh, why are boys so mean??  *whack whack*

So the secret-- it wasn't the silly dare.  I hinted at it a few posts back (really?! haha, very short, one or two sentences!).  But I'm talking about food (what did you think?)!

I think I'm addicted to cheese.  >_<

So cereal is one thing I can't go without, but we've known that since middle school.  Now it's cheese!  I have it in my sandwiches everyday, and it makes me super happy with the ooey-gooey texture that binds everything together in one creamy mess.  Nyuuuu~~  @_@''  *wipes away drool*

Gouda, provolone, cheddar, pepper jack, mozzarella!  Nom nom nom!

Does that look delicious or delicious?  @______@
(I didn't take this awesome drool-inducing picture!)

I like the cheese melted!  Or if it's just cheese by itself, it has to come fresh out of the refrigerator.  What type of cheeses do you enjoy? :D

I actually bought tons of cheese at Walmart last week, since I'm planning to make Mac 'n Cheese and Nacho Chip Casserole this week!  We'll see how it goes ^^v