Good Morning!

Morning guys :)  I got an email from my dad with the following picture attached:

A snapshot of what my parents had for dinner last night!  :D  Totally made my day.  I miss their cooking; my dad's practically a vegetarian, so we eat a lot of tofu <3  And his photo-taking skills are probably 10x better than mine ;)

Since I was in the "Aww, I miss home" mode, I was looking through my files and found a video of my two lovely doggies, Balto and Bacardi (my sister named her, hehe) eating avocado :D

Then I found a few sentences on a blank Word document that I had wanted to blog about but never got around to do.  So let's just breeze past them, kay? ^^''

When I went back home to Houston for the two weeks in summer, my parents and sister took me out to eat with them.  While we were waiting to make a left turn in a pretty long line at the light, there was this red car that pulled up on the right and tried cutting in.  The driver was a lady probably in her early 30's and was pretty well dressed and stuff.  Then my sister goes, "Don't let her cut in.  She didn't try waiting."  (although she's the one that will put our lives in danger swerving into the last possible space in the exit lanes on the highway without flinging us into the fork of the road or off the highway)  Then my dad replies, "Why would I?  She's no where as pretty as your mom."

DAWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!  My sister and I were like omg, so cute!  And my mom's like, "Liar."  HAHA

Back to school, I was in the library studying, and I heard a girl on her phone saying, "...  yeah, right?  No one cares about Food Network!"  I swung my head to that direction before composing myself again.  Is that true?!  That's the only thing I watch when I'm in a hotel or at a friend's house @_@''  She must not like to eat.

At research, my mentor asked me, "Where do restriction enzymes come from?"  I thought for a moment.  "Durr..  from other companies?"  He had a little laugh, because he meant the molecular origins and function of the proteins.  Haha! ^_^'

Okay, that's the end of reminiscing for now!  Back to the present!


It was finally Friday, and the day was nice and cool (I was finally wearing shorts for the first time in 2 weeks). A look outside the window:

Pretty right?  Now for a random shot of an awesome mirror.  Notice where I am?  :P  I'll be blogging about places like these sometime in the future when I find more locations!  Haha!  Such a sad idea for a post, but it'll be secret for now!

I met up with Michael, Mike, Christine and XY to make TSO buttons for tonight's dinner banquet thingie.  I also ended up seeing my own name, and it's a yellow button!  Yayyy!  By the end of button making, my left bicep is now massive.  ;)

Josh took Debra and me to Target to return something, and then I proceeded to drag them around Walmart with me for an hour or so.  Whee!!  First time I bought Doritos in 5 years?  :D  The whole cart was full of my stuff while they took out 2 or 3 items each ^^'

Halloween Express was right next door to Target, and since I've never been there before, what did we do?~  Go and explore! :)  I proceeded to drag them around there too.  Wow, the floors of these stores are getting squeaky clean.. :P

We found suuuper tall boots, so Debra and I both tried on a pair.  Look, I'm taller than Debra!! @___@

And now Debra with her own spiffy super long boots~ :)

And a very hard-to-get shot of Josh and Debra with her heels on.  Who's taller now? :P

The Halloween place had lots of costumes!  But I wanted to see an angel or bunny costume, but the girl costumes were too dinky, and the women's costumes showed too much skin >_o''  Oh wells, it was pretty cool to check out all the interesting things in the shop.  Thanks guys for coming with me!

At 10-11pm-ish, we decided we were hungry.  Haha, so we went for dinner at Ginger Bistro.  My first time!  (Whoo, first time to do this, first time to do that, interesting.. haha <-- only Josh and Debra would probably get that!)

The place is clean and spacious, and the food was nicely presented in large, white platters along with contemporary bowls of rice.  There were disposable chopsticks and super heavy forks.  Josh said his arm was sore by the end of the meal, since the fork was so heavy!

Josh got the House Beef, while I got the Fragrant Beef, and Debra got Beef Chow Fun (干炒牛河).  Super cow lovers.  :P  Although Josh's was $12.95 without tax, and mine was $9.95, they looked and tasted exactly the same.  Well, okay, Josh's entree had a different aftertaste and slightly different vegetables, but I don't think it was worth the $3 difference.  Get Fragrant Beef!  It's yummy ^^  The meat is very tender.   Debra's noodles looked kind of different from what I am used to seeing, which is richly colored noodles.  Her noodles were more white, but when I tried a piece, they were very flavorful.  Delicious!

Josh's House Beef

My Fragrant Beef (Nom nom!)

Debra's Chow Fun

When we came home, it was midnight.  Then we proceeded to chit-chat until 4AM when Elaine and Book came back from their AMA get-together.  Nice day ^^  Next time, maybe we can ALL go out!

Wait-- that'll be tonight!  We're going to eat together at Mandarin House for TSO's 10/10 dinner/banquet thingie.  It'll be fun going with everyone :D