Fall Break

Fall break!  A single Friday in October where WashU students can totally forget about everything and relax! :D  Exciting right?  I pretty much lounged around the whole day, but read on about it :)

Thursday felt like a Friday to me.  In Baroque Art, we had student presentations.  Being the vigilant student I am, I took notes... although I was attempting to write them with my left hand.  :P  What do you think?  Kind of looks like when kids first start learning how to write ^_^

Elaine ate with us today, but she left to take her car to get some fixing up.  And Josh, who usually goes to the medical school with me after lunch, said he wasn't going to work (.. I forgot why / didn't ask him @_@''  whoops..)  So I walked to the Metro station thinking that their Fall Break already started-- how nice~

I came back around 7pm when the sun was beginning to set.  Here's a shot of the supposedly super awesome Ritz Carlton hotel near where we live.  Elaine and I ate there for a scholarship dinner last year, and the food was pretty good! :D  It's supposed to be crazy expensive though.

I wrote a little about TSO chill time before, and here are the desserts I brought!  It was night time, so sorry for weird lighting! ^^''

New York style cheesecake

Strawberry whip freeze with pretzel crust

It was pretty interesting, since the international students liked the second one better, saying that it's not as rich.  My parents always like lighter desserts too ^^  Yep yep, it tastes like a strawberry limeade: pretty refreshing!

When we got back home, I turned on the light and saw Henney on my bed in a very suggestive pose.  ;)  I wasn't sure what my reaction was supposed to be.  At first, I was like, "Awwww." But then I got freaked out when Debra said maybe Henney placed herself there and not Josh.  It would have been cool any other day, but Alex and Kevin freaked me out that night.  Ohh, and I am officially scared of the dark again TT__TT''  It will probably be like this for another month or so, wahhh~  >_<

Sexy pose!

Once Junqi came back from shopping at West Country mall, we drove to the Village for dinner!!  Haha, not the Village on campus, but to Kobe Steakhouse in Westport.  Due to complications of Josh's GPS on the iPhone and a new location, we caused Junqi to make 3 or so U-turns, spin off a three point turn, and listen to Debra, Book, Elaine, and Josh bicker over directions, haha!  I was also saying random stuff that was probably annoying ._.''  Anyhow, we got there at 9pm after Debra called Kobe for directions (after Josh refused to do so for a bit :P)!

Junqi and Debra!  ... why are they bending down?  I'm not that short >_<''

Welcome to Kobe!


When we walked in and to our seats, we passed several other tables of people around the hibachi grills.  Lots of laughter and sizzling!  So exciting! :D  This would have been my 3rd time to eat teppanyaki in the US, but it would be the first for seeing tricks :)

The loudest of our group for today:  Elaine and Debra :D

Why loudest?  Well, our chef asked if Elaine wanted some soy sauce and squeezed the bottled at her!  Debra and Elaine both saw the black stuff flying towards Elaine in a stream and screamed like crazy.  I missed it, but I saw Elaine turned towards the back of her chair in fear :P  It turned out to be a chef's joke; the whole soy sauce bottle was a prop with a plastic/fabric string to imitate soy sauce!  We were all laughing ^^

... which was good, because this is what the guys looked like before the chef came:


I initially ordered Steak & Salmon, but I changed it last minute to Filet Mignon & Shrimp, since I've never had filet mignon.  Our waiter was Thai!  And he spoke with Book in Thai for a bit.  :)  It was pretty cool~

Our soup:  very light and yummy

Here's our chef!  He is a very cute and jolly guy, and it was his first time at Kobe serving, so we were all rooting for him.  He dropped an egg and it fell with a splat on the grill (Nyuuuu, *feels bad for him*) but the show was still awesome ^^  

Fireeee!  Onion volcano! :D

My half eaten salad with ginger dressing and crunchy bits

Massive amount of fried rice!  (Mmm, veggies~)

Fried rice was $3 extra, and it seemed like so much food!

After he served everyone vegetables, he asked if anyone wanted seconds, and both Debra and Elaine pointed to me ^_^'' Haha, thanks guys!  Nom nom!


Then the protein came: shrimp and steak!  I think I caused a bit of trouble for Kobe tonight.  Our chef, Jojo, forgot that I ordered shrimp (since I changed my order last minute) and served all the shrimp and left me with none.  So he called in another order of shrimp just for me >___<

And then what's even worse is that I told him I ordered filet mignon instead of steak, and he ordered a separate filet mignon for me Y_Y  *sorry*  I wanted to tell him I was way okay with eating steak (it's all meat!) but I wanted to pay less, since filet mignon was more, but yeah... and Debra told him for me, so basically I was being a pompous poop head.  *sigh*   Jojo was super nice about it too!

I lurve medium-rare! :D

So steak on the left, and filet mignon on the right.  Everyone else was eating when Jojo served them, but I like having all of my food laid out before me before I attack it, because the prettiness makes me happy :D  

...  that also made me feel stupid, since it looked like I was hoarding all the food while my friends were starving @_@''

On top of that, noodles!  They were cooked on the grill and were slightly on the soggy side, but after letting them sit on the plate and "air-dry" for a bit, they had more bite.  Yummy!

And I finished it all!

Haha, lies, but close!  I had leftover filet mignon which I took home with the rice they served us.  It's in the fridge and will be my lunch or dinner tomorrow!

We had a little game where Jojo flung little bits of shrimp at us, aiming for the mouth.  I felt like a duck eating bread from kids at a park.  Watch the video!  Debra was so silly.  She expected that if she opened her mouth wide, then Jojo would do the rest, and the shrimp would land in her mouth.  You have to actively try to catch the shrimp, Debra!  Haha!  Although the first time was indeed way over her head~  ^^

I thought I read something online about a nice view from the windows, but when I turned around, all I could see was a reflection of us!  Guess they covered up the windows...  We were on the 12th floor of a building, so it would have been a pretty cool view!

Instead of taking the elevator down, we walked down the stairwell.  Book took the elevator and waited for us at the bottom, since his leg was still hurting.  Elaine and I were talking while walking, but Debra and the boys raced down.  Near the end, I was talking about how my mom says stairwells are very dangerous for girls, because people might easily kidnap them and no one would know.  Then Elaine said the place was kind of creepy, and we hugged onto one another in fear.  As we turned the corner, Debra, Josh, and Junqi all jumped out at us, and Elaine and I were like, "AHHHHHHHHHHHWELFKDJLCKJLWEIUOI!!"   Yep, exactly like that.  And I almost died.  Ahh, you evil kiddos!  @_@  

The buildings outside had lights outlining their features.  Pretty, right? ^^

There they go!

This is the building we were eating in

Josh and Junqi were leaning on one another while walking, trying to push the other off balance.  From afar, they looked like Siamese twins :P


We drove back to the Loop near campus to eat ice cream at Coldstone's.  Junqi borrowed Debra's cardigan, because it was pretty cold.  Notice the cute bow Debra's pointing to? :P


Pretty candid shot of Elaine too :3

Conclusion:  guys eat ice cream extreeeeeeeeeeemely slowly.  And also, why is it called cold stone?  Because the stone slab that they mix the ice cream on is cold, so the friction of mixing doesn't melt the ice cream!  Maybe Marble Slab is named after the marble slab.  Haha @_@''

Junqi dropped us off, and after I took a shower, we attempted to have "deep talk."  which mostly consisted of random talk + Elaine falling asleep and attempting to tell us that she wasn't actually asleep, tee hee!  So cute ^^  Although we went to sleep at 4am, it was a nice Fall break.  Too bad every weekend isn't this relaxing, but I guess that's why having Fall break is so rewarding!