Warm and Fuzzy in the Fall

If no one understood what my spiel was about a few posts back, I just wanted to say that I'm a terrible person to turn to for comfort and advice, since I'm very awkward when it comes to that ^_^''  And that everyone should just be content on being happy, yeah?

But I'm getting tired of that topic, so let's move on! :D


This past weekend was the second week of LNYF (Lunar New Year Festival) auditions!  I tried out for Asian pop.  Afterwards, Ribbon dance came in.  So pretty, right? :)

Mallincrodkt (I will never learn how to spell the name right -_-'') has had some pretty interesting decoration additions recently.  Behold-- the mass toilet paper wad / larvae of dooooom!  They even have a red version.  Don't they look like some evil creatures hanging from the ceiling waiting to swoop / drop / plop onto a victim?

It's made of plastic, I think~

On Tuesday was our field trip for Baroque art history.  It was supposedly going to rain, so I decided hop on the metro until Skinker and walk the rest of the way there.  Fortunately (or unfortunately? :P) it didn't rain, but I got extra exercise while getting some extra protein (bugs into my mouth), yahh!

Lots of golfers...  Do these people take random vacation days off, or are they professionals at work?  Very interesting.  Who likes to play golf?  It's so challenging!  @_@  *attempts to whack the ball and scrapes off patches of grass multiple times*

Inside SLAM, the paintings on the wall in the first room are the Baroque paintings.  The visit was pretty much like a quiz session with Professor Fujikawa talking a bit about the subject matter and asking us to compare with works we've studied.  Pretty cool ^_^  Getting to know the story behind each painting was like reading a little picture book for each work!  And then I saw this satyr sculpture..  so cute! :D

... I say that now, but I bet if I saw a real satyr (half goat, half man) in real life, I'd scream my head off and run in the opposite direction >_<''

Wednesday was supposed to rain again, so I walked to class.  Here's me trudging up Art Hill to Biochemistry class!  The leaves are changing colors and falling off so soon.  It's almost Halloween, Thanksgiving break, and then Winter break! o_0

I met up with Elaine-y-pooh (tee hee!) for lunch at Stanley's Cafe in Lopata.  I had a bit of bread leftover in the fridge at home, so I brought a roast beef sandwich from home, while Elaine ate a banana nut muffin.  Since it was Wednesday, the Engineering Council has Cheap Lunch.  That's where you can pay $3 for 2 slices of pizza or $4 for 4 slices, a soft drink, and get unlimited cookies, chips, and snacks.  Pretty cheap!  I saw some students sharing a box.  Mmmm... *drools*  Pizzaaaa~  My stomach was full, but my wandering eyes kept falling on slices of pepperoni, black olive and mushroom, and ham and pineapple slices, so I went and bought a cup of Italian vegetable soup from the cafe!  Pretty good ^_^b

Here's a shot walking home from the metro station!  I always read about people raking the leaves off their lawn.  I guess in St. Louis the leaves disappear?  I never see humans working in their yards here!

Thursday night is our TSO chill time, basically a potluck!  :D  It was a Wednesday and people were busy, so I didn't want to ask for rides.  So I ended up biking to Schnuck's and rode back with a bulging backpack, and two canvas bags worth of groceries hanging from my shoulders.  Every time my bag hit my leg, I was like, "Ahhh.. please don't let my eggs break, please don't let my eggs break.."  Haha!  :P  I almost fell once on the way back on a very sharp turn near Walgreens, but I think the worst part was just going uphill.  I'm so slow that I think people walking beside me could pass me easily >_<''  Haha~  I think it's pretty interesting, because the reason I don't give up pedaling like a fiend is because I don't want to face embarrassment by hopping off my bike and walking the rest of the way.  It's silly, since I don't even know people in the cars passing by, and they only get 2 seconds to see me before they zoom off!  Anyways, when I got to the top of the hill, I was like *Hallelujah!*  (Sweet baby Jesus!  Haha, actually no, not that one!)  Then there were 2 more massive hills and a smaller but super long one to go up =_=''  but it was good thinking time :)

And my eggs turned out okay! ^_^  I made New York style cheesecake and a Strawberry freeze dessert.  It was my first time making the latter, and it tasted like a strawberry limeade from Sonic!  :O  Yummy!  Hope other people will enjoy it tonight @_@''

Guess what this is?  Nope, not anything from outer space.. although it kind of looks like a face.. ish!  Two fried eggs (合包蛋) and sauteed kale.  Okay, so I bought kale from Walmart during the weekend, and I have *no idea* how to cook it.  But I was mad hungry so didn't look it up online.  But apparently you can eat the stems too!  Next time I'll saute some garlic before the veggies.  But they were still yumyum :3

Mmm.. veggies!  I was happy with having lots of green on my plate <3   I actually usually have rice with everything, but I emailed my dad about eating all the rice I made (1 cup of dried rice) the night before because my food was so spicy.  And this morning, I received this email from him:

Haha!  I love how that sentence gets to be an independent paragraph.  :P  My weight's been swinging up and down for the past month or so; I'll be 5 pounds heavier/lighter in different times of the day!  Maybe I'm drinking too much water!

Tuckered out from my little biking adventure today, I went to sleep at 11:30 pm @__@  Felt so good!  Woke up at 7:30 am to enjoy a bowl of mixed cereal <3

And I found these online, which I think are wayyy to cool not to share: 

Like a boss.

Haha, no disrespect, but I just thought this was funny :D

Do the Jesus Shuffle!

Elaine.Xu said...

bwahaha for once I am the first to comment - thank you feeds =D

so many pretty pictures! we really should go chill in forest park sometime when the weather's nice (like today! =O)
lol wendy so pro at catching me in my awkward moments
xDD so how did you find these gifs?

Wendy said...

Haha, do you get emails for every time I edit a post too? (I tend to do that a few times >_<)

Yay! Walk in the park! Wonder if we could go boating some day~ If not, I'll just push a few of us into the fountain in front of SLAM >:D

Tee hee, I found them on GifNinja.com! I think it's the same site Book used to make the Debra gif image ;P