Pad Thai Curry Night

I finally made nacho chip casserole!  It tasted like the one they served my freshman year at WashU :')  Yummy!  Next time, I'll put more chips on the bottom later instead of the top, because I like my food soggy.  Yeah that's right, I said soggy.  Haha, so many people think I'm weird for that.  Last time I cooked my vegetables until they were mushy and I went, "Yayyy!"  Elaine and Debra were like, "Ehhhh..."  :P

Wonder how people who eat purely "American" cuisine, such as this creation, stay healthy.  There's ground beef, cheese, canned soup, tomatoes, and Doritos.  No green leafy vegetables!  @_@  So lacking in nutrition..

But hey, it was delicious.

I'm probably biased / can't tell when food tastes bad.  But here's Book giving a creeper face while eating it!  He said it was like the comfort food freshman year!  <3

Hahahaha ^^


Sunday was TSA's Pad Thai & Curry Night!  I rode my bike to campus to grab some yummy Thai food~

Cotton candy sky

The very cute Vera welcomed me, while putting up a sign for the event.  Lots of TSA members there, serving out their homemade food that took 6 hours to make with smiles!

Students biting into yumminess

A few of the TSA board!

My serving of Pad Thai for $5.  Delicious!  :D

Book came down to gobble down dinner, and I really liked the Pad Thai he cooked!  Too bad he doesn't like pad thai.  The big kids came to eat some cheap food on campus too ^^

Alex and Charlie!

Jun Qi came too!!  .. but he ate a hamburger and onion rings.  Haha!

The always-matching couple!

Debra and Choi!

I should stop adding an exclamation point after ear picture, but I just feel so excited when I type people's names!  ^_^''

Anyhow, everyone I asked said that the pad thai tasted better than the curry.  I thought last year's curry was super delish though!  Maybe they changed the recipe? :O  Regardless, props to TSA for a delicious dinner!  I need Book to cook (harhar, it rhymes) me pad thai whenever I want it!  ;D