Pre-packed oddity and Korean Film Festival

Has anyone ever gotten the Grape and Cheese pre-pack at school?  The ingredients include grapes, Swiss cheese, Gouda cheese, provolone cheese, strawberry, blueberries, and orange.  I grabbed a pack at Whispers Cafe for lunch and noticed something funny.  There is a slice of orange, a single strawberry, and a single blueberry.  Haha!  So random.  Cheddar cheese substitutes the provolone.  I like the smoked Gouda, yummy! ^^

When I grade papers, I head to the lounge room in the math department.  No idea if I'm allowed there; I'm not a professor or a graduate student!  @_@''  but no one has said anything yet, so oh wells~  Anyways, when I walked in on Thursday, there was a bunch of male math grads discussing complicated math proofs on the chalkboard.  I felt really comfortable sitting there creeping on them, eating my lunch and watching them write ten lines of formulas each.  It's funny how when I'm near popular kid / jock -type characters, I feel really out of place.  But with average Joe characters, I feel comfortable.  I must be an average Joe  .__.  ha!

You know those mustaches that magicians or circus ringmasters usually have?  The type that curl upwards?

One of the math professors has it!  It looks like he's constantly smiling.  Maybe that's why people wear the mustache that way-- so they don't have to put as much effort into looking happy :D

On the way to lab today, Josh and I talked about longboarding while we jiggled around in the metro train.  Staying balanced on the train without holding onto anything is just like skating!  So on the way back, I stepped into the first compartment of the train and stood next to the train conductor.  With the train tracks flying under us, I felt like I was in a video game!  I took a stance and tried to balance the whole way back home.  I must have looked like a doofus falling and giving out a soft "Ah!" every time the train shook. :P

Whee!  In the backseat in Daniel's car~

Last night was also the first night for the Korean Film Festival.  They featured "Cyrano Agency," a chick flick and romantic comedy.  I tagged along with Debra and Daniel, both going for extra credit in Korean.  Ooh, and it was also my first time in Daniel's car!  There were TWO sun roofs, which would be extra pretty to look at if you were looking at the sky while dozing off in the back :)  And the movie was so silly and cheesy!  Quite creative too ^_^  Afterwards, the Korean teachers gave out Korean snacks like Chocopie and something like the Hello Panda cookies with a vanilla shell and chocolate insides.  Watching Debra and Daniel munch on them afterwards was pretty cute :3  Don't know why~

Debra and Daniel!