A bit of life at school

Thanks to the hot sandwiches at Stanley's Cafe in Lopata on campus, you can find me scarfing down a triple decker sandwich every Tuesday and Thursday for lunch.  Mmm.. warm food <3  Such a nice change from 3 months of pbj sammies during summer and the first month of school :D

I've eaten with Shin, Jump, Josh, and Elaine so far.  Wow~  Eating in public is so interesting!  *crawls out from under a rock* haha~  For the first two years, I pretty much ate lunch back in my room, since I went back to the S40 dorm area for food after classes.  It's still a new-ish experience for me.  In high school, we had our little gang of kiddos.  In college, everyone's schedules are different even semester.  When I'm alone, I feel like people are watching me, because I'm doing something stupid that I don't even know about.  @_@''  *super anti-social*

Anyhow, that's changing (hopefully!).  I've taken to studying at the library and eating at the on campus cafes when I can.  :)

Josh told me about Taylor Lautner's movie, Abducted, and how it scored 4% on Raw Tomatoes when we went to Walmart last week.  The shopping trip that day is sort of fuzzy, because for some odd reason there was a halo around everything... it was like a dream *dizzy!~*  But I brought the movie up after I saw a trailer online, and apparently, even though I think it looked good, it was rated very poorly :P  I don't think the plot's ground-breaking, but it's interesting.  The only thing I wouldn't look forward to would be the kissing scenes.  So awkward.. haha ^^

I ate lunch the other day in the math lounge.  Yeah, I still eat by myself on some days!  It's peaceful, and plus, I have papers to grade there before heading to class, anyways :)  The math graduate students there were having a deep conversation about if two of them could take down Jacky Chan.  One of the students was apparently a blackbelt or something, and he said that Jacky Chan couldn't stand a chance, because all that kick-butt action is only for the movies.  The other two were adamant that there was no way they would last more than a minute.  Eavesdropping about battle strategies ("You just engage while the other guy pokes his eyes and it's over!") is quite amusing; I couldn't help but grin while I was chewing on my flank steak with pepperjack cheese and honey mustard sandwich that I brought from home.  Then when the blackbelt said that if you just start spazzing, it's pretty much impossible to take you down.  Mmm.. good advice.  Next time I'm in a fight, I'll just start spazzing.  @_@''

On the way to my Biochemistry exam in the evening, I was biking to school with the radio humming through the earphones, and.... Lincoln Park's In the End came on!  How old is that song?  I remember Irene was obsessed with the group, and I listened to their music with her a bit in middle school.  :D  So when I was pedaling up hill, panting in effort and attempting to avoid a heart attack, I was singing the lyrics.  They seemed surprisingly familiar ^^

"I got so far, to lose it allllllll, but in the endddd, it ---- *cough*  Ahhh!!"

And so the song goes when a few bugs fly into your mouth.  Or more like.. they were just buzzing along peacefully and my mouth and horrible vocals comes by and gulps them down while the bike's moving.  It's all relative.  Mmm.. protein >_<''

When I reached the top of the hill, I saw Josh opening up the door to his apartment and yelled a semi-strangled-still-attempting-to-swallow-the-bugs yell, "Hyung!" *wave* and he pointed to some direction.  When I turned my eyes towards where he was pointing to, I saw BB!  :D  All new and shiny looking, with teddy bears Ice and Cream cuddled together in the front.  Cute :3  Yayyy~

After the exam, I rode back home and downed a Hot Pocket (Chicken Fiesta flavor, nom nom!) and a peach for dinner.  Then my stomach hurt for a few hours while I studied for my next exam which is tomorrow.  Whew, it's all good~  I get Thursday afternoon and evening to relax after the exam!  :D