Mission & Seoul Garden

Want to know a secret?  Well, it's kind of a secret. 

A big part of my choice to come to WashU was because of its food.

I wonder if any of you are even a bit surprised!  :P  WashU's food on campus was voted Top 10 in the nation the year I received my acceptance letter.  And the rest... is..  um, apparent. haha.

I've really enjoyed their comfort food my freshman year.  They served American food, like Shepherd's pie and meatloaf with mashed potatoes and creamed corn.  I've never had this stuff, and it was soooo stick-to-your-ribs good!  

Anyways, I'll stop reminiscing now.  My point was.. that I've eaten pretty much everything on the S40, but I never really visited the bakery section.  I only have 2 years left on campus, so I decided (quite randomly, I might add) to eat every single bakery item at WashU before I graduate!!!!!!!!!!!  (not including cupcakes or cheesecakes)  

Why not?  Cupcakes are always the same except different frosting, well, in my opinion!  And I like frozen cheesecake.  Soft, room-temperature cheesecake just makes me sad.  :P

I decided this after I was eating the cinnamon roll from Whisper's for two weeks.  Maybe I should just explore.  The plan was to try some new sweet / bakery item for lunch every other day.  I never eat these things at home, and buying two pastries is actually cheaper than buying a sandwich for lunch, so let's sweeten up lunch a bit~

And so the mission began!

This week I had a cheese croissant.  They also sell chocolate croissants, but I was in for a subtler sweet treat.  The middle is a vanilla cream cheese filling.

Cheese Croissant

The pastry isn't flaky, but it's soft, and I actually like it that way better!  :)  It was really good!  Along with the croissant, I met heaven in bar form:  the gooey butter cake (a.k.a. the only thing you'll eat with 10 sticks of butter in it and still smile).  Wowww!  I can't believe I've never tried it before!  The reason I chose this for the first day, was because St. Louis is known for their gooey butter cake!  But I've heard from people that campus's version isn't legit.  If that's true, it's still delicious illegitimacy @__@  The creamy filling and sweet crust was just intense!

Cheese croissant and gooey butter cake

The next time, I was at Stanley's eyeing their ginormous cookie.  I asked for a JEM cookie.  These are apparently cookies dedicated for the late Dean of WashU.  When I pulled it out of the bag, it looked like a squirrel had gotten run over.  Haha!

But when I bit into it, I just wanted to smile.  It's like a hybrid of a chocolate chip cookie and a gingersnap with cinnamon!  ^_^  My favorite cookies all together!  Err, kind of, since my favorite cookie is basically every single cookie >_o

The JEM cookie wasn't super soft or anything.  In fact, it was kind of hard.  I think it was crispy?  But there were nuts and a punch of brown sugar in every bite.  If you're one of those people who can't take too sweet, you'll probably want to stay away.  I was sipping on water after every bite, but it was nom nom delicious! :D

JEM Cookie

JEM Cookie and gooey butter cake
My half-eaten lunch on Tuesday.  Does it look good or delicious?  ;)

Notice the gooey butter cake hanging out in the background?  I just had to eat another one!  And it was just as good <3

Oh, so apparently my taste buds are all for sweet things now!  The math department sets out a candy platter, so whenever I come to grade papers, I grab a piece.  I had Reese's the last time, so this time it was Whoppers.  I remembered that this wasn't a brand that I would try looking for, but I decided to give them another chance.

The original malted milk ball sitting on Statistics

Mmm, not impressed.  I remember that Nancy really likes these, but after all 3 pieces went down my esophagus, I felt like I hadn't eaten anything at all!  The Reese's last time calmed my growling tummy.  I also don't like such aerated crunch!  Mmm, peanut butter <3

The next day on Wednesday, I found Elaine sitting in the sketchy vending machine area in Cupples II for lunch.  It's actually quite pretty ^^  just a remote location!  I had told Elaine about my new mission, and she told me she was quite surprised at me for doing something like this.  haha, it surprises me too!  Maybe I'll just drop the whole thing in a month and go back to eating savory sandwiches for lunch!  ._.''

Elaine and her TGIF chips!

This time I had gotten the super huge Snickerdoodle cookie and a scone.  The cookie was kind of square-shaped, so it's pretty cool to know that they made it on campus!  Imperfect cookies are always delicious~  It was super soft and yummy.  Good sugar cookie base, and I always fall for cinnamon.

Snickerdoodle = sugar cookie + cinnamon sugar

*so good*  Do you think these huge cookies are worth $1.95?

Next was the scone.  I was a little worried about this one actually.  It was kind of small, and I've made all the scones I've ever eaten, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  It was soft and dense, with a hint of orange.  There were cranberries, so I'm guessing it was a cranberry orange scone, haha!  Yum!

Cranberry orange scone

When classes ended, I walked to the metro stop to head home.  Here I am walking down in front of Brookings.  The trees are just starting to change their leave colors!  

.. are you getting tired of me going on about the leaves?  :P   They're just so pretty though!

Notice the nicely manicured lawns with stripes :)

Book invited me to their dinner at Seoul Garden, so I tagged along to experience my first Korean BBQ!  And we were planning to get the all-you-can-eat option.  Oh my.

Charlie drove us to the DUC where Ramita and David were waiting before we all transferred to David's car.  But I really like Charlie's car!  It looks so spiffy inside, right?  ^_^

Seoul Garden is a Korean Restaurant about 15 or 20 minutes away from WashU.  We parked and hurried in from the cold.

They have other food to choose from on the menu, but we were already all set on BBQ!  I was so excited that I forgot to take pictures of Book and Charlie and instead just took pictures of whatever was in front of me ^_^'  Haha, sorry guys!

David is thinking:  No need to look at the menu, Ramita.

We're getting "Unlimited Plus!" tonight, mwahaha!

which comes with unlimited side dishes!!  *heaven*

The side dishes were super yummy!  I saw this one for the first time, and Charlie told me it's mung bean jelly.  I usually dislike jelly texture, but this was really good :)

Mung bean jelly

David approves.

Bits of side-dish!  Yuhhhhm!

The waiters were all really nice and courteous.  They swept back and forth to place all the side dishes on the table for us and came periodically to check on the meat and flip it for us!  My only complaint would be that they never refilled the water, and we had to ask multiple times.  But I'm a hippo when it comes to water (my nickname!), so maybe I just drink too much~ ^^'

We ordered 5 rounds of meat.  I really liked the thinly sliced and steak varieties, but they had a lot more to choose from!  I also liked the sauce they gave us.  Since the "brown version of gojuchang" was on David's side of the table, I didn't want to keep reaching over to bother him, so I stuck with the individual sauce.  I loved it!  Charlie said it was just sesame oil mixed with salt and pepper.  Nom nom nom~  I think I was more drinking the sauce than eating the meat, haha!

Pork belly!

Thinly sliced beef


Nice waiter ^^  Tee hee~

So we left relatively full, although not bursting.  I think as girls, Ramita and I did pretty well!  The BBQ was good, but I really liked the side dishes (don't tell the guys, but I think I ate more of that than the meat!).  ;)

Food coma!  (literally!)