Sleep and comfort food

Although I probably sleep ten times as much as my friends, I want more sleep =__=''  Keep dozing off in class, and dark circles under my eyes are very unattractive >_<

Think I'll turn on my "anti-social mode" soon and prevent anymore late night talks that last until 4am.  Maybe I should just bar entrance to my room starting at 11pm.  Sounds reasonable, yeah? :P


Josh took Book and me to Schnuck's today and got a croissant for lunch.  He called the croissant "Jiji!"  Anyone know why?  Hehehe~  *smh*

Finishing off Fall Break with a blast (= tummy exploding / food baby / food coma), we went to Ryce Oriental Buffet for dinner last night.  There was a hotpot option for $7 extra, but I stuck with buffet, since I usually eat hotpot at home! :D  Ate a huge piece of salmon (nom nom yummy!) as well as a lot of beef, veggies, and dim sum  ^_^   I also had an egg tart and ice cream for dessert.  @_@  Pretty full!

When we were meeting at the clock tower, we saw Derek and Vicki on their way to UCity grill together.  So cute~ :D

We're here!

So busy!

Hot pot gang while the rest of us buffet-only people ran off to shove food onto our plates :P

Michael checking out the cold plates!  They had really good salty chicken ^^

Ryan enjoying dimsum!

My first plate out of four (not including ice cream)!


Interesting news last night  o_0  Totally hit me point blank out of the blue though!  Happy for people, a bit sympathetic to others.

Ready to throw myself on the market or post advertorials by now, haha!  Just kidding~  (ish.)


I'm actually making paella for the first time right now :)  I'm making rice without a rice cooker!  Awesome :D It'll be my first time to cook with mussels too~ 

Aw shoot, I just burned the rice like crazy =__=''  Good thing no one's home to think the apartment caught on fire...

Tomorrow's dinner will be cuddling up with a nice bowl of burnt paella.  If I'm not hungry by dinner today, tonight's menu will be fruit feast ^_____^


A hopeful promise of joy broken,
now free to soar into the skies of the unknown.

Hello to goodbye.

Elaine.Xu said...

Wendy, I know you don't really like sappy emotional stuff, especially when it comes to yourself, but I just wanted to let you know that if you ever want to talk about anything, I'm here.
You're a very strong person, always working hard to be happy and positive for the people around you, but it's okay to not be strong all the time.

Paella...o.o wow I've never heard of it but it looks delicious!

Wendy said...

Elainey pooh!~ Ahh, I'm totally good though :D .. was I acting dead at Ryce? Must had been food coma ^_^'' Sowwie~

Or if this is about not reciprocating your strength of listening to others this past weekend / not doing anything, I apologize a bit more seriously >_<'' Gomen!~ Too bad girls' night will have to wait a week, but it'll be fun :)