Joseph Gordon-Levitt at WashU

Guess what this is?~~~  :D  It's a ticket to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt at Graham Chapel on campus!  Why do I sound so excited?  I don't even really know who he is, other than one of the "bamfs" in Inception and the guy in 500 Days of Summer.  But hey, he's famous, and I it would be really cool to see a star in real life and see what he's like off the screen, right? :)

Sadly, on the day of the show (October 25th), they took away my ticket when I entered the chapel.  >_<!

I gobbled down my lunch (sweets from Stanley's Cafe!) and left Angela, Elaine, and Josh to head to lab early.  Five hours later, I ended up finishing up early (according to plan!) and left to head back to campus in time for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's talk!  Does anyone call him Joseph or Gordon-Levitt?  I always hear his name come in the full phrase, "Joseph Gordon-Levitt."  @_@

While waiting for the train, I saw Shuran and told him about JGL and life, and.. cool stuff.  Ya know?  :P  Anyways, I thought his shoes were really cool, and they matched his hoodie perfectly!  Haha~

Shuran picked up a call, and then I proceeded to wiggle my camera in the air while people watched me curiously.  This is the view from where I stood on the platform.  Interesting building, right?

To my left, there's another building.  But wait..   What is that?  Hmmm..  I wonder if anyone has ever noticed this before, and whose office does that belong to?  Haha!

See it? :)  It's pink and fluffy.  (Well.. I supposed it would be!)

It's Kirby, the pink fluffball!  :D  *so random*

I met up with Debra in line in front of Graham Chapel.  We were *literally* the last ones there, although we were right on time (6pm)!  Josh said he lined up at 5:20pm, and the line snaked all the way back to the DUC!

Aren't these flower things so cool?

They're excited to see JGL!

There was a little wait with a slideshow playing, while the show was getting ready.  The point of this talk was to show the world HitRecord, his organization that compiles and creates tiny media.  They asked people to send him tweets via Twitter.

As the lights dimmed, crazy fan girls squealed.  I was like  "Durrr..."  haha~

And there he is!

Amid all the screaming and cheering, here is Joseph Gordon-Levitt at WashU!

Their slogan thingy.

A few people were chosen from the tweets sent in to answer questions and other interactive stuff.  Every time someone shook hands or hugged him, everyone was like *gasp* or *sigh*.  :P

That's the audience on screen

Actors and public figures have to be really comfortable with themselves in public.  Watch this; I thought it was so awkward, so I don't know how he could stand it!  Haha!  

Near the end, he took out a guitar and sang for us!  It was pretty interesting, his voice isn't bad :)  Actor and singer!  Watch the movie to hear one of his own songs~

After the end of the show, he disappeared back stage, and no one could get his autograph or talk to him D:  Nooooooo!  Oh well, it was nice.  He talked in a sort of accent, but Debra told me that wasn't his usual voice.  Maybe he was just trying to be cool!  ^_^b  

Mmm, so apparently WongFu Productions is coming to campus soon too!  Wow @_@'' maybe I should go watch more of their movies!