Another week and Asiana Garden

Another week gone~  In art history class, we were looking at Baroque portraits.  Society is so weird, making certain clothing articles rad and fab.  Would you have ever worn an E-collar (the cone doggies wear around their head after they get neutered or spayed)? :P  This is a portrait painting of a rich lady!

Mm, sort of looks like a coffee filter @_@  but the skill in painting the details of the lace is really pretty though~

So this week has been pretty painful = full of back pain!  Haha, I felt so old, since I was actually having troubles getting up from sitting on the floor.  Ate Tylenol once so far, and it was the first time to eat pain killers in a few years >_<''  I can just hear my mom warning about how they're going to kill my liver...

I stayed late a lab this week, and when everyone else in the lab left, I started out humming.  Ten minutes later, I was singing to my DNA samples, haha~  I felt pretty embarrassed when I was turning the lights off and locking up, because a guy from the neighboring lab walked by, tee hee.

On my way back from lab, the Metro was pretty full, so I was just standing near the doors.  A guy sitting got up and offered me a seat.  At first I felt pretty good, musing over the gentlemen of society, but then I realized...  he was sitting in the Elderly Priority seat!  Nyuuu!  I'm getting old already T_T  And he looked like he was in his mid 20's too~  @_@

Whew.. but at least every time I open the closet, a little bit of happiness looks down from above.  My cereal collection!! ... which is slowly dwindling down.  I have such a hard time resisting grabbing boxes from the cereal aisle =__=''
10 boxes for now, 2 more being eaten in the kitchen

Why don't more people eat cereal?  It's like eating `dessert for breakfast <3  ... Speaking of which, I think I might be getting diabetes sometime soon.  I've been eating cereal every morning since middle school, and this month I've been eating desserts for lunch every other day.  I've fallen in love with the cinnamon rolls at Whisper's Cafe!  After a 30 second zap in the microwave, these things are sooo ooey-gooey in the middle ^^

We're learning Infinite's Be Mine from Anna, Elaine, and Sean.  Pretty fun, hope my back will feel better before tonight's practice..  Maybe I'll pop a few pills if not!  They are very good teachers :)

We went shopping Friday for groceries.  Josh was pretty sleepy... Here he is sleeping, Vampire style!  He sort of looks like a burrito, tee hee :)

While Josh was driving us to the Asian market, Debra pointed something out.  When I looked up, I was like, "Whaaaaat...... =_____="  *feels 70 years older again*

Junqi joined us for dinner at Asiana Garden!  :D It's a cute, wooden cottage-like building!  They served Chinese food with Canto and Szechuan specialties.  The menu was pretty large, and they had one section written just in Chinese.  We ordered soup and four dishes!  :)  

The waitress seemed like she was having a bad day, so the service was a bit scary .__.''  But it may have been because there was a large group of people who were drunk and rowdy.  Service was pretty slow, but we still tipped her more than 20%~  Hope it made her day happier!

Stalking Junqi and Josh while they're walking in!

The soup was really light and seasoned with pepper and salt.  The shrimps were so large and juicy!  There were also chunks of tofu and something chewy (maybe abalone or squid?), and the stewed napa cabbage made it really yummy :3

Seafood and Tofu soup 海鲜豆腐汤

We also ordered tofu, which was super yummy because they absorbed the sauce so well! :D  Since Josh and I hadn't eaten chicken in so long, we also ordered a chicken dish.  When it arrived, it looked pretty bland, but surprisingly, it was pretty good too!  Junqi ordered the potato shreds which Josh, Debra, and I had never even heard of.  Yum yum nom nom nom ^___^

Soy sauce braised tofu 红烧豆腐

Broccoli Chicken 芥兰鸡

Sour and Spicy Potato Shreds 酸辣土豆丝

Sizzling Beef in House Sauce 铁板牛肉

Junqi was sharing his life story, which was sort of made up, haha!  He was talking about his past life as Bugs Bunny, and Debra started laughing and said, "No wonder you look like a bunny!"  Haha!  After taking another look, yeah, Junqi sort of looks like a cute bunny, right? :P

Since Junqi was talking, and Josh eats slowly, Debra and I inhaled all the food before us.  So delicious!

The boys slowly consuming food

Debra ish so cute! <3

^_^  Mm!  It's been a while since I've had so much food, and home-style Asian food too!  Debra also agrees that the food was yummy :)  So if you're on Olive, you can visit Asiana Garden for some legit Chinese food!