Field Trip 2

Ta-daaa!  Jun-Qi got us tickets to see Wong Fu next month!  Very cool :)  Thanks Jun-qi!~~

Today was our second field trip for Baroque Art to the SLAM in Forest Park.  Compared to last time, the weather was quite nice!  The cold wind bit at my cheeks and my hands were a bit frozen, but walking fast warmed me up ^^

Ohh, the little fountain dried up.  Wonder if there's a drought?

The foliage here goes crazy in the Fall.  Crazy as in beautiful!  Back where I live, there are tons of pine trees, and instead of turning into rosy hues, they drop their needles everywhere.  :P  But it still smells really good :)

I took a picture in the same spot a month ago.  Do you recognize it?

The Art Museum is special like that ;)

Oh, so I saw this picture on my computer, and I was thought, "Hmm.. I've passed by this equestrian statue quite a few times, but I actually don't know who it is..."  After a Google search, I was credulous of my own lack of common sense.  The answer?  Saint Louis, King of France.  (Duhhh~~)

Looks as if King Louis is commanding the leaves to change color! ^_^

The SLAMuseum

A better view of him

Since the statue has one of the horses's front hooves in the air, Saint Louis was either wounded in battle or died of battle wounds.  Let's check it!  *wiki wiki wiki*  Yep!  Saint Louis died in his second crusade.  :O

There were lots of buses in front of the art museum, and I saw a few classes of younger children contemplating art pieces.  My classes never did that D:  But I guess now I am!  :D  The museum actually opens early for these school classes!


We met in the print room, a little room hidden away on the 4th floor.  The elevator was HUGE but sooo slow.. The print room was really pretty ^^  I liked how well-lit it was!  

The research assistance introduced print-making to us.  We're studying Rembrandt, so it was cool to see the tools he used to create such works.  And the prints inside the room were *actual* prints!  Like.. they were pressed on the copper plates worked by Rembrandt's hands hundreds of years ago!  @___@

People inspecting the plates

We got magnifying glasses to view the marks that were made more easily.  I felt like Sherlock Holmes looking for clues.  Whoo!  So legit!  :3

When we were done, the we avoided the super-slow elevator and ran down the stairs.  A display of cotton-like trees welcomed me warmly with their festive colors!  ^_^  Beautiful.

I met up with Kevin and Josh at Stanley's Cafe for lunch.  Josh got his usual tower *sigh*  ;)  and Kevin got a bread bowl with soup!  It looked good; maybe I'll get it next time!

I tried taking a picture of Kevin, but he wouldn't stay still and kept making clawing motions in the air and going "Rwarr, rwar, rwar~~"  XD  Haha, oh Kevin!

Elaine, and you think I take awkward pictures of you!  haha!

It really is a bread bowl @_@  ... a bowl.  Made of bread.  *wow*  Minestrone soup!

Are you wondering what sweet I devoured today?  I stuck with the JEM cookie again *so good*, but I picked up a slice of some dark brown loaf.  I thought it would be chocolate or something, but it turned out to be banana bread!  At first bite, I wrinkled my face a bit.  It has a medicinal taste to it!  @_@  but after a second bite, it mellowed down and was actually pretty good.  I liked the edges, nom nom nom~

Banana bread!

Shin stopped by the table to catch up with Josh, and then we dispersed afterwards.  Back to lab!  


On my way to lab the other day, the metro officer at Skinker station started talking to me, pointing out that he would really want to be in Paris right now.  (I was wearing my white T-shirt that says "My travel story: Paris" on it.. but I've never been there, haha)  We ended up talking about China's communistic government and economy and comparing it to the United States' system.  Haha, so random~ @_@  He was really passionate about the Wallstreet protesters, talking about how his friend is in a financial rut and stuff.  I was pretty touched about how worried and public he was about his concerns for his friend~

Today while on the metro, a black man with a graying beard came to sit next to me, but since I was getting off at the next stop, I got out and stood in the aisle as he settled into the seat.  Then he asked me if I knew how to play Chinese Checkers.

I think I might have before, but I've forgotten, and it was such a random question (should I be offended, haha?), so I said "No... not really."  Then he propped a folded newspaper on his red sweat pants across his knees and placed three soda bottle caps on it.  After pulling out a bit of fuzz from his sweat pants and rolling it into a ball, he covered the fuzz with one of the bottle caps and started switching the positions of the three circles.

"Can you guess which one?  Eh, eh?  Chinese Checkers!"  I was dumbfounded.  I'm pretty sure this wasn't Chinese Checkers, but this was so cool!  *easily amused*  Two other young black men around my age or a bit older were sitting right in front of us and turned around to watch.  The older man asked me to guess which cap held the fuzz, so I pointed to the middle.  He removed the cap and revealed the red fluff.   "See?  You know how to play!"

Haha, so three more rounds of this while the other two guy, but before removing the last cap, he points to the middle one.  "Are you sure it's not this one?  This one could be the winner."  I shook my head and pointed to one of the ones on the side.  He removed it and congratulated me when I picked correctly.

This was all cool and stuff, but the thing that happened next sort of shocked me.  He pulled out a $20 bill from a wad of cash in his pocket and held it out to me.  "Winner~~," he says.  I rejected it but thanked him, and the other two guys were like, "Oh man, I want his money!"  Haha, silly~  I was actually thinking, "Whoooa, so cool!  It's like in a movie.. that could actually buy me something online!"  But I've always been told not to accept gifts from strangers, and plus, he could use that money for something else.  Not on whatever material desires I have, haha  ^^

The conductor announced my stop, so the older man and I shook hands "cool-guy" style, although I think I let my hand go a little too limp.  All right, I am now a proven underground Chinese Checker master!!  :D  Hi-yah!~


I was listening to my mentor today, but I was so sleepy!  I wonder if he noticed >_<''  

Nancy gave me this pencil last year.  It's from Taiwan and it has "Lovely Mango Girl" wrapped around the barrel.  Cute, right?  ^^  It's also shaped like a syringe.  Haha, Nancy told me it's because I want to be a doctor when I grow up.  Awww~   *sentimental*  ^_____^

I got back home at 7:30pm and immediately made dinner.  I ended up eating a whole pound of some Chinese veggie (空心菜)  @_@ with my two eggs.  We were eating Thai rice the whole summer, and today was the first day I ate my usual Japanese rice!  I love how much stickier the grains are  ^__^  Omgah, so good.. *happy happy*

Oozing molten egg yolk about to drip onto deliciously moist Japanese rice!