A busy October 1st

Last Saturday was the AMC Moon Festival (a bit late, I know :P) which takes place right in front of Bear's Den in the middle of all the freshman and sophomore dorms.  I love this event a lot <3 because there are a lot of students who are not involved in these cultural events, hence, not Asian, that attend (even if it's just for the free food, haha)!  :)

There was a short little lion dance / running around with Michael and Victor performing and David beating the drums among the sea of people.  I was in charge of running down the stairs and hitting a little gong to make room for the lion... felt like Moses parting the seas, haha!  :P  Although the walk is only maybe 30 seconds, it felt sooooo long with everyone turning their heads to look my way >_o''

What a cute lion!  :D

About to run down the stairs banging the gong like a lunatic

Sea of people!  Love this festive feeling! :)  (I see Ruding~~)

What's going on here?  This is TSO's booth featuring a game testing your chopstick skills.  It's quite popular and tons of fun :)  Probably for the prize of pretty chopsticks when you win against your friend ^^  The other cultural groups gave out free food!  There were BBQ buns (叉烧包) and pineapple buns (菠萝包) which ran out before I could grab some :(  Fried rice, moon cake, steamed soup dumplings (小笼包), and mochi were other victuals you could find too!

Grab your BBQ buns! :D

Everyone's (including XY and Mike) happy with free food

The new SHO group on campus :D

Haha, AMC exec board looking super attractive giving out fried rice ;)

Ehh?  Little lion paused..  Is he sick or choking?

Drum roll provided by David!  ... who looks super Asian with his Spiderman shirt.  Haha!

Debra's look-a-like shows us the answer is CABBAGE!
If you give the lion a bit of cabbage, it will eat it up and spit it on you for good luck~

Mike's having a good time groping the lion's butt.  ;)

Hien showed up with his spiffy new camera too!

Japan Club brought in a super hard ball balancing game

Managed to catch Irene in mid-action!  Go go!

All right, change in scene!  After Moon Festival ended, we hurried to CSSA's (graduate Chinese student group) own Moon Festival.  This one was an actual show, and PL4Y was asked to perform there.  We redid our dance medley from the AMC banquet.

Chen also was performing!  Debra and Elaine are cute too :)

Look at the crowd turnout!  So many!  So many.. Asians @___@''  *weirded out*

One of the WUHUU kids got our dance on video.  It's kind of a weird angle, so feel free to search up the better quality dance we did for the AMC Banquet in September.

Afterwards, Debra, Josh, Michael, and I ran back to the S40 to watch the last few minutes of Cypher's reunion of bboy battles.  We saw this cute, tiny guy who turned out to be a bboy BEAST.  Swaggggg!

Debra looks so much taller in this picture @_@  Josh photobombingggg :P

Here's Taylor with his best, most attractive face ever!  Haha~

So that was my busy first day of October!  The weekdays are definitely not as eventful.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I take the metro to school.  On the walk to campus, I get to see the beautiful entrance of our campus at Brookings.  The weather was really nice, but since I wore jeans that day, I was so hot!  @_@

Artists enjoying the weather and painting

One look back from where I walked from.  The trees will be beautifully colored in a few weeks!

On my way to grab papers to grade from Cupples

Pretty, right? ^^  The longer I'm here on campus, the more beautiful I realize the university is.  *sigh*  Humans are always like that; we want what we cannot have, and we miss what we lose.  Anyhow, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I eat lunch at Lopata!  I wrote about this in the previous post, but now I have a picture.  Although I definitely looked strange snapping photos of my cardboard box (campus serves some meals or sandwiches in paper boxes), my love for The Tower definitely won over.  Three thick and toasted slices of bread, tomatoes, lettuce, ham, turkey, swiss, cheddar, and ranch dressing.  What's not to love other than a heart attack in each bite?  :P  Nom nom nom!!!  I haven't tried eating this all at once yet; it's so large!  I'd look like a doofus trying to stuff this in my face with ranch dribbling down my chin (yep.. I've tried!).  So I end up eating slice by slice each time.  It's still really delicious that way ^^

Wow, I'm in the library right now *supposed* to be doing homework (>_<''), but blogging is really therapeutic.  I feel happier already!  Maybe it's like I'm talking to the screen about my week or something.  Not like I actually do that in real life, ya know.. >_>  *ahem* Anyways, I'm in one of the study rooms on the second level, and my stomach started growling when I was uploading the photos of BBQ buns from the Moon Festival!  Now this sandwich is just staring in my face, and I'm attempting to prevent my drool from falling onto my netbook!  Haha~  ^_^

One last thing.  As the whole world knows, Steve Jobs passed away this week.  Although I've never been an Apple fan (Why won't Ctrl + C work?!), I have to say I feel a bit numbed. Maybe it's because all the people that were famous in my childhood are going away (like Michael Jackson)... but Apple has really changed our lives.  Remember life before the iPod?  Uhhh not really *tries blocking memories of walking around with my Walkman with audio tapes of Backstreet boys recorded from the radio*  Macs used to be blocky computers in my elementary school lab that we all hated to use.  Steve Job's innovation dramatically altered our world.  I'm not trying to say that I knew the extensive history of Apple.  In fact, I don't.  I only know that some of my friends have Macs and they're pretty (and pretty hard to use, for me!).  But I read a little bit about him and how he shielded his family from the media.  I respect him for that.  I respect him for pursuing his passion and his love for innovative technology even when he was constantly in the grasp of Death's hands.  That's an amazing individual.  And an amazing individual he'll be remembered as for the rest of our lives and beyond.  Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs.